October 6th, 2012

some cup maintence questions

Seems like when I was doing research on cups, I read you should never store them in an airtight container.  What's the reasoning for this?  Would putting one in a clean ziplock bag for a few hours (max four) be a huge no-no? 

Does coldness have any effect on silicone?

The reason I'm asking is I'm getting symptoms that my period is probably coming up soon (it's pretty spectacularly irregular, but there are some give-away symptoms).  I'd like to take my cup to work with me just in case.  My work is very dusty.  I would not be at all comfortable using it if it sat there long in nothing but a cloth bag and didn't get washed.  I could leave it in the glove box, but I'm pretty far north, it's been way below freezing for a couple of nights now (I work a weird, short late night shift, so again, a max of four hours). 

I could always just put a pad in my back pocket again.  I don't want to risk anything icky.

Thanks for any advice you can give me!

*Edit* Thanks for all the reassurance and the ideas.  It's the weekend now, so it won't actually be an issue this time, but lots of inspiration for next time it turns up.  Thanks!

Has anyone else had green-grey discharge tinged with fresh blood?

I got my lab tests back, and it couldn't find any UTI, there was trace blood in my urine.  The nurse who did my swabs said it wasn't inflamed my vagina, but I did have an abnormal grey-green clumpy thick discharge that was like an STD, or a cross between thrush and BV.  My swabs came back negative for the STD they tested me for (no surprise since I am not sexually active), and was not clear on whether I had vaginitis either, only that I had elevated yeast and bacteria cells.  The antibiotics I'd been taking for the presumed UTI for over a week, were not helping at all, and I am only get worse, with pain and pressure in bladder, bowel, lower back and abdomen, frequent urination, and urgency.so I rang the nurse again, and told her my urinary symptoms were getting worse, and the vaginal symptoms had not abated, she talked to the doctor, and he told me to stop the antibiotics and use a thrush cream as well as another antibiotic in case it was also BV.  My discharge is still greenish-grey, but now is tinged with blood, but is not yet as excessive, I just had my period that finished about four days ago, I don't usually get spotting after a period, and its bright red and fresh, its a tiny amount though.   I used my first application of thrush cream last night, and woke up with burning stinging pain inside my vagina.  It went away after a few hours. I haven't started the other other antibiotics yet. I stopped the cranberry and previous antibiotics today, and don't seem to be urinating quite as much, and am trying to drink less even though I get thirsty often. I have pain and cramping in my pelvic area and lower abdomen.  A tender bruised feeling in my lower back, and burning muscular like pain all the way up my back and around my chest (that could just be my fibromyalgia.  When I eat I bloat, and it increased the pain and pressure in my bladder, I can't eat as much as usual without feeling full.  My doctor is not going to do any more tests for now, and instead the nurse has booked me in to a sexual health clinic in two weeks.  This has been steadily getting worse for months.  Please, I am really frightened and depressed about this.  Has anyone had anything like this related to vaginitis? 
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First time report!

So I've finished my first period using my glittery new MeLuna and it is DEFINITELY an improvement on pads or tampons!

Because it was my first time, I did have a couple leakage issues when I was rushing and didn't take the time to make sure it was in properly. But they were very minor leaks, and definitely no worse than when I haven't been able to change my tampon in time. My period only ever last three days so I didn't get a lot of time to practice with it, but I'm sure it will be smoother sailing next month. Just have to make sure I don't rush it!

I am LOVING not having to wear a pad to bed. I'm a very heavy sleeper, so I never wear tampons to bed & that means pads. And I hate pads, because they bunch up and make my skin dry & itchy. So not having to wear them is the BEST THING EVER.

Overall - why didn't I buy a cup sooner?