October 5th, 2012

hymenal tissue, insertion, removal

So I am so excited to own a menstrual cup and have used it a few times successfully, but I just tried using it today after not having used it for the past two months and I felt the need to whinge.
Without fail every time I use it, hymenal tissue/skin around the entrance to my vagina gets pinched and it fucking hurts. This happens on insertion and removal. This makes me annoyed because I now dread inserting it because when I'm feeling sick, am in pain and am irritable the last this I feel like doing is pinching my delicate hymenal tissue. I also resent the feeling of the cup opening up inside me. Not welcome in a nonsexual scenario.
P.S. I have been sexually active for ten years, so I do not have an intact hymen. The skin there is not an issue in any other circumstance.
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Hey there! I'm new here, someone over at vaginapagina sent me this direction with a question that's really two questions. Here goes:

1. Does anyone have a good technique for cleaning out a cup in a dorm bathroom? It's set up like a public washroom, with stalls and sinks all the way across the room. Someone there said to bring a cup of water or use tp and then clean it properly in the shower, but I was thinking maybe using baby wipes and then doing the shower thing? I've only been using cups (Instead disposable cups which I've been carefully re-using) since last month so I've never been in this situation before.

2. Where the heck do I find more of the aforementioned Instead cups in Canada? Their website says Shopper's Drug Mart but I've been to two in my new city (Windsor, Ontario, if anyone's in the area and has info) and found nothing. The only website that I've found so far that ships to Canada charges an arm and a leg for 6 cups plus shipping.

If you guys can help out at all that'd be great. Thanks!