October 4th, 2012

Why did my cup lose stiffness?

Hello cup-users,

I have had a violet-colored meluna classic cup for a year, and I had been cleaning it after each cycle in half-strength hydrogen peroxide (soaked for a few hours), which helped get the stains out.  But gradually it became permanently stained an icky color that bothered me enough to buy a new cup (I bought a BLACK meluna classic this time, which kind of reminds me of a toilet plunger, but no stains for me anymore!). 

But I noticed right away by comparing the two cups that the new black one is significantly stiffer than my old one. 
Is lost stiffness just a part of cup aging, or might the hydrogen peroxide have softened the TPE material?  

I'm not worried about staining anymore, so now my only concern is taking good care of this cup.  Does anyone know what the least harsh method of cleaning is?  Is it boiling?  

Thanks in advance for your advice!

  • sinanja

Cervix question

Hey everybody!

Is there a possibilty that the position of a cervix may vary from month to month?

I often have problems with placing my cup (I have a lunette) in the right position on my first day of my period. On my first day I often have leaking problems. But there are also months that I don't have any problems at all on my first day of my period. On the second, third fourth and last day of my period everything works fine. The cup is in the right place and I don't have any leaking problems.

I find it a bit frustrating that sometimes I don't have any problems and sometimes I do. Leaking sux :(



hello all!

i am new to menstrual cups. i have always wanted to try one, but procrastination has held me back... i am finally ready to purchase my first cup and i have been doing a lot of research. before i make my big purchase, i wanted to run it by everyone for insight and opinion. based on my body, i feel inclined to purchase a fleurcup. i am now finding trouble in the purchase because it seems fleurcups do not ship to the US. the reasons i feel i want a small fleurcup is because i have a narrow/short vaginal canal, and it seems that from reading reviews the fleurcup would be a good "fit" so to speak. i am scared of the cup hurting, or suctioning to my cervix or anything of the sort. i currently have a paragard IUD and do not want the cup to affect the IUD at all. i do not and have not had any children, i am 28 years old, and have been sexually active for 10 years.

anyway, what are your thoughts about my desired purchase. is it possible to order a fleurcup to the states? should i consider other cups?

thank you so much for your time and sharing. <3