September 22nd, 2012

Anyone else HATE changing their cup?

Usually the first 2 days of my period are wrought with nausea, diarrhea, and PAIN. That means a super heavy flow (sometimes like water) so my diva cup leaks so much. As much as every hour - hour and a half. There are times when I just hate having to go to the bathroom to change my cup because it takes so many steps and I'm so tired, sleepy, and in pain, but I have to because I'll leak all over myself and I hate the feeling of blood running all over the place lol. I mean, pulling it out (in which I have to move some muscle around LOL), pouring it out, washing it, and then putting it back in. Sometimes a tampon seems so much easier, but they can be expensive (I have to buy the super duper heavy ones off the internet. Our stores only go to Super which would leak every 30 so what's the use?) so I tend to put off buying them every period (procrastination much?). Other than that, I have no problem. I just wondered if other people were annoyed by their cups at times. :P

Hello everyone, I have a question that may seem silly. But in light of the recent posts...


So I've been seeing some posts around lately that are encouraging us to suggest cups to our mothers, and I guess I just couldn't really think of anywhere else to ask this. My mother had to have a hysterectomy when my younger brother was born. I was just wondering if anyone thought that a cup would be of any use to while she goes through menopause. I know she obviously doesn't have periods anymore so she can't use a cup for that (which is the intended purpose of a cup), but I don't have periods often either because of the IUD I have. I still find my self using my cup sometimes to catch other annoying secretions and I thought maybe she could use it for that if that. She knows about mine and she thinks it's a pretty cool idea.

Unfortunately I have no idea what menopause entails for women with hysterectomies or how that might figure into cups. I just don't want my mom to be left out if a cup could change her life in the way it has changed mine. I have no idea where else I could possibly gain any insight on this. I know that there are some older, wiser women on here who might be able to help me out. 

Should I maybe try to talk to her about cups? Would they still help her in any way or is it better left alone?
  • sulinda

Burps and Holes

I'm on my first cycle with a cup - using a Meluna classic L.  It filled up too quickly (2 - 3 hrs) and leaked the first two days which might be solved with a Meluna XL.  I really must be able to make it through a 3-hour class without making a bathroom stop - which is why I looked into cups in the first place.

But the other problem leads me to question whether to go with a bigger Meluna or another lg-capacity cup (Yukki?).  I'm experiencing what others have referred to as "burps" or "vj farts".  While the feeling is odd, I could live with it except that it's accompanied by some spotting and the feeling of leakage and I'd really rather not have to rely on pads for back-up.  Interestingly, the burps don't seem to happen as much or at all when my flow is heavy or the cup is mostly full.

I'm wondering if the fact that Meluna only has 2 air holes might contribute to the burping/spotting. Would a different cup with more/bigger holes (or more holes in the Meluna) help?  I also read about people letting the air out as they put the cup in.  Do you think that would help?  Are there other burping remedies?

I love the Meluna otherwise.  It goes in easily and pops open.  I can't twist it at all but it feels snug.  It's not too long - I even have to push a big to grab the ball.  I can feel the suction as I pull it out but nothing too uncomfortable.  


Got my new Naturalmamma cup today!

Yay, my new cup is here!  After weeks of trying to decide on a new cup to replace my large Green Donna, I chose the Naturalmamma, mostly due to it's long length and good capacity and intersting stem, it was also very affordable.  I have not used it or sterilized it yet.  It came in a small white zipped polyester type back with a thin plastic like coating inside. The cup has a fairly strong rubbery odor which bothers me. Though it could have absorbed the smell from the bag it came in, but the bag doesn't smell as much as the cup.  My silicone Green Donna never had an odor like this, but it came in a different kind of bag and a box.  It's suppose to be hypo-allergenic silicone, which I hope means it's high-quality medical-grade silicone.  Is this smell normal for some menstrual cups?  The most surprising thing about this cup though, is how firm it is, well, in comparison with my only other cup, a Green Donna, which is meant to be like a Lunette, an apparently one of the firmer cups out there.  However, I can report that the NM is a great deal stiffer than my GD!  This could be a good thing, and I am glad I didn't go with Meluna's recommendation of a sport cup (they believed my GD like a Lunette, therefore they believed I needed a stiffer cup than even that, to stop the riding up, leaks etc.), as it could of been far to firm for me, if my NM is anything to go by, I couldn't really imagine them being firmer than this.  It is possible, that my GD has gone a bit softer over time, I've been using it for about two years now, I do remember it being a lot more difficulty to insert when I first got it, due to it springing open before I got it inserted deep enough, but that could be more to do with inexperience.  Comparing it to my GD, it's a very different shape. The GD is a bit wider at the rim, but tapers to a narrow point, while the NM is more bell shaped, and wider overall, and obviously much wider at the base.  The grip rings are bigger and more prominent on the NM than my GD which I think could be better for me.   Both cups are stiffest at the base, softest in middle, firm at the top and rim.  However, as I've said, the NM is the much firmer, which could mean I have less chance of it leaking on removal, or when active.  The airholes on the NM are smaller than on my GD, and there are four instead of two.  The inside of my old GD is smooth, the NM is mostly smooth except for two raised measure lines, which hopefully won't mean extra cleaning.  The texture of both feels pretty much the same, a kind of matt tacky feel, my GD feels slightly tackier though, lint and dust easily adheres to both. The stem on the NM is fairly short, the same length as my GD stem which has had the tip torn off (bad removal episode).  The NM stem-tab is stiffer, but I don't yet see how it's wideness over the GD stem will make much difference, once inserted it may possibly be easier to locate and give me a firmer grasp, the tab stem on my GD is quite stretchy, so when pulling it doesn't always pull the cup down enough for me to grab the cup to release the seal, hence how I tore the stem and my insides one time!  The NM did not come with much information about the product itself, nor does it have any cleaning instructions from the Naturalmamma company.  My GD came with instructions that says 5-10 mins, so this would be probably fine for the NM too.  Although, I tend to let mine boil for about 15-20mins.