September 17th, 2012

  • t0ve

New lunette cup with a 'large' hole on the side - HELP!

I just received my Lunette Cynthia in size 2 which I ordered online. I was surprised to see a large hole on the side, approximately at the same height as the highest volume measurement mark. The hole is several times larger than the four air holes close to the rim. It also looks a little uneven at th edge and not as perfectly round as the four small holes at the rim.

Is it supposed to look like this? I have looked at product photos and never saw this hole. I also have a old menstrual cup from another brand which does not have this single hole at the side.

Here's a photo of it:

The red ring shows the large hole and the blue rings show the normal air holes.

I am not sure if it is supposed to look like this or if I should contact either the online store which I got it from or Lunette directly.

I am thankful for any help!
  • beebs88

MeLuna cup delaminating

I'm new to the menstrual cup world so I have a couple of questions about my MeLunas.
I've ordered a MeLuna Starter set a couple of weeks ago (a clear S and a purple M, both Classic with ball) and they arrived 5 days later. I was delighted with the very prompt delivery.
However when inspecting the cups I noticed a clearer area area on the inner part of the rim of the medium purple MeLuna, with a different texture as well. Later I’ve noticed the same mark on the small clear cup. As the marks are on both cups I thought it could be a moulding mark, but the purple cup seems to be delaminating/flaking from that area. I wish I could upload some pictures, but I don't know how to do it. Anyway, I leave you a link to a Flickr album so you can see by yourselves how the cups' rims look like.
Has anyone had this problem before? I've mailed MeLuna to ask about it, but I haven't got any reply yet.
Now that I've seen the actual size of the cups I'm afraid I will need a larger one. I took the size quiz on the MeLuna site and it concluded my size was an S. I ordered both S an M, thinking the small one wouldn't be enough on my heavy days, but now a medium seems to be also pretty small (I haven't tried them yet on my periods). I have very heavy periods, I usually have to change the super plus o.b. tampons every two hours and I'm afraid I will have to change with the same frequency my medium MeLuna. Changing is something that really bothers me, since I work as a vet on a rural area and it's not always possible to find a place where to do it, or I just don't have the time if I have an emergency. Do you think a large MeLuna will work better for me?
Thank you in advance for your advice
Edit: I've got a reply from the MeLuna team.To them the clear cup looks perfectly usable but according to their standars the purple M Meluna should be replaced. They required me to cut off the damaged cup and send them a picture of it in order to get a new one.
The customer service is slow, but when they finally read your mails they are very nice and supportive. Good for them!