September 16th, 2012

  • mkchi

First time user, some questions?

I got my small fleurcup yesterday, a few hours after I started my period. I was so excited, I boiled it and as soon as it was cool enough I went into my bathroom and I tried to figure out how to put it in. I was successful after three tries, but something I've still had a problem with twice is getting the cup in. Sometimes, when it's almost all the way in but not quite, it sort of pops open and suctions and I can't move it. So I break the seal and try to push it up further and kegel it higher and then release, and then it won't open up unless I sort of prod the side that isn't open. Am I doing something incorrectly? I'm holding it in the fold while I try to put it in but apparently my body isn't okay with that. Has anyone else experienced this?