September 15th, 2012

  • kuradi8

Peri-Menopause and Cups

I am very excited to hear that a "Parent's Guide to Cups" may be in the works.

Here's one for the other side of the spectrum:  My Tale of Peri-Menopause and Cups.

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So TELL YOUR MOTHERS!!!  With your experience, help her pick out a cup.  Don't let her tell you that it's too late -- especially if she's not fully menopausal yet.  Getting through "The Last Chapter" is so much easier and more convenient with a cup than with traditional period products.  You already know that she will wish she had gotten one years ago.
  • naomi_h

The bad news, some cup news and health questions

The sad news is a young girl died this week in Israel from TSS and another girl is still in very bad condition.
The cup news is an article was published in one of the big newspapers (Haaretz) describing alternatives to tampons such as menstrual cups, soft cups and another natural method called menstrual awareness.
The girl got TSS from forgetting to take out a tampon after 16 hours. I was wondering is there any evidence that a cup is any safer than a tampon. I read there were no reported cases of TSS but the number of users is also much smaller.

High Grade Abnormalities + Cup Usage

Hi Everyone!

I wrote about cup usage and cervical dysplasia a little while back. I went for a colposcopy and biopsy and the results were low grade on the pap and high grade (CIN2) on the biopsy. I'm not entirely sure why there were two different grades, but I'm currently looking into that.

Anyway, I might be going in for a LEEP surgery in a month, after which I can't have intercourse or use anything internal for 6 weeks. I think I'm going to invest in some cute cloth pads to get me through the spotting and my next period, but when do you think it'll be safe to go back to my cup? I know they say you can start using internal products after 6 weeks, but I guess they're saying this with tampons in mind. Would it be any different due to the suction of the cup? Might that dislodge/disrupt the site of surgery?

Also, unrelated, but if anyone has any personal stories about this whole thing, please PM me. I'm super nervous and would love to hear about your experiences.

Thanks everyone!