September 11th, 2012

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DivaCup statement on IUDs

After thinking that DivaCup specifically stated not use their product with an IUD, I found the following on their website:

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That's as close as they will probably get (for legal reasons) to stating that it's okay to use a DivaCup with an IUD.

I've had my ParaGard for about two months now and have gone through one cycle using pads and tampons.  After having used my DivaCup for years prior, I was miserable.  I think I feel good going back to using my DivaCup.

Cup Dilemma

Ok I think I could use some advice. I started my cup journey in Feb. of this year and have tried several brands but none seem to fit me quite right and I always had leakage. My cervix was sitting in the cup and it was fully opened(I checked). It wasn't overflow either because it would leak right after insertion with next to nothing in it.  On a whim I bought some instead softcups and they worked perfectly. So here is the dilemma...the only thing that works properly is DISPOSABLE URGGH. This defeats the whole purpose!!! I have heard that some people use diaphragms as menstrual cups but I am in the U.S. and I'd need a prescription for something like that. No Dr. will give it to me because I had my tubes tied in 2005. For those of you that use insteads (particularly the reuasable two pack) what is the longest you have reused a single cup for?

Longest cup


I got a small lunette and sometimes it is hard to reach even the stem to get it out. I've seen people say get a longer one such as Meluna XL or NaturalMamma, but when I check the lengths these are only 1mm longer! Sure the cup is longer, but the stem is shorter so will these even be any better? :(

I've heard Diva is long (not sure if it's longer) but also heard it's less comfortable. It has a hollow stem?

When I can reach the stem it's still hard to get out, I think I have short fingers and can only fit one at once. Would a stiff cup make this technique better since the seal would be broken easier? Would a stuff cup be uncomfortable?