September 5th, 2012

Finally, a dettachable penis!

Did you guys know about this?

Am I late? 3 years ago I was trying to come up with a design for something like this, not knowing it already axisted!
Those of u with squirrel bladders should totally check it out.
And if u decide to get one, dont pay $30 for it, i suggest u shop around. 30 seconds after i found out about it, i found one on ebay for $3.99 - 0.50 shipping just by typing the words "female any time toilet" haha :D

And btw, next time you get an idea for an invention, get it patented! I know im not the only one who thought about menstrual cups without knowing they actually existed.

Ps: sorry if I cant post this here, i thought most of u would benefit from it. I'm kinda new here :) been lurking around without an account for a while :p
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Community news, August 9th-September 5th

Hi cuppers! Sorry for the long delay, I was kind of finishing my master's degree :) I promise I'll be more prompt next month week. Anyway, here's some of what's gone on in the community this month!

Community business
Don't forget about mc_sales! That's the place to go to buy, sell, trade, give away, or otherwise acquire or get rid of cups :) We also encourage professional sellers and shops to post over there with sales, promotions, and other announcements.

Community goings-on
So this was a pretty exciting month!

- We've got some new cups to look at: the Organicup from Denmark, the mysterious Jasmine cup, and the upcoming but not-yet-released Femmycup.
- nocebo_domingo brings us a great review of the Mami cup, a pretty new cup from Italy.
- Cups in the news! (Or at least the gossip!) Cosmo says sex with your cup in is OK. And, Canadian Olympic swimmer Julia Wilkinson endorsed the Divacup.

Ebay find 'Jasmine cup'

I was just trolling Ebay for you do..and came across this new one, the Jasmine Cup. Has any one ever seen, or heard of this one? I couldn't find it in the archives. The Ebay page says the instructions are in French. It looks very similar to the 'plain brand' one I bought..which would be a shame..seeing as I might have accidentally clicked 'buy now' O:-)