September 4th, 2012

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Between wanting to avoid the drying out that tampons cause, wanting to eliminate potentially harmful chemicals from my body, and the rave reviews I've read about cups, I think I'm ready to try.
I'm 27 with no children. My flow is moderate. I do some yoga, basic work outs and pole dance fitness classes, but don't think my PC muscles are really that strong. I'm built realllllly small. Usually getting three fingers inside me is challenging and my cervix is really low at the best of times. There are even some brands of tampons, Kotex and Tampax, I can't use because my vaginal canal is way too short for them to fit comfortably or without part of them sticking out of me! At any given time of the month, I can easily reach my cervix with an index finger without overly reaching. My fingers are maybe 2 1/2" long at best. I have kids' hands, seriously. I'm a lesbian so I don't have traditional intercourse but sexual activity I do have and toys I've used have made it pretty evident that there isn't much room in there. I've never noticed a difference in the height of my cervix during my period, maybe slightly lower and definitely more swollen/pronounced but not much change over all. I'm all around pretty comfy with my lady bits and my periods, not squeamish or anything.
Based on this info, which would be the best cup for me? I'm leaning towards Lunette based on reviews I've read but wanted to get some opinions.
I'm really looking forward to being done with tampon strings and other inconveniences of traditional feminine hygiene so I hope cups work for me!
I'm also curious about recommendations for and experiences you've had emptying cups in public restrooms, what your solutions were for cleaning without walking out of a stall with a bloody cup and hands and having to wash it and return to the stall to reinsert? It just seems cumbersome. But like I said, I really want to be done with tampons!

ow.. ow.. OW. HELP!!!

  Okay, so I DID end up buying the Lunette, and, as I suspected, it IS smaller, in many ways, than the Keeper Moon Cup. Since I'm on B/C [to regulate periods] and am going on an important trip when my period is supposed to happen, I started taking the placebos about two weeks early. (My periods usually start to happen early anyway, even on the pill)
  So, I got out my lovely Lunette, ran it under hot water so that it was more soft, and started to insert it via the Origami fold. This is the first time I've gotten any cup in. But, it HURT. Not SO much, but I began to panic. I calmed myself, and quickly removed it. I don't know how to describe this... It's like a cramp, but in your actual vagina. I know sometimes, before I get some clumps, it feels just like that. It was a constant pressure.
  So, my questions are: Has anyone ever experienced this? Is it just because it's not fully my period yet? (it was KIND OF a dry-ish run, as nothing was actually leaving my body yet.) Was it in far enough? Do you know what might cause this? Sorry for the questions, I just really want this to work out.