September 3rd, 2012

Preaching to the Choir

eeeeeee!! ... Sorry for the squeal, I'm just so happy!!!

(If you're interested in a story, keep reading)

Last May (2011), I discovered menstrual cups. Then I hit the research trail... Hard.

I have a menstrual disease called menorrhagia (or hypermenorrhea) that causes heavy or prolonged menstrual periods. Unluckily for me, I have both. Heavy flow for 70-100 days is not practical. I am 14, and that just doesn't work into my schedule.

I researched for months and months working to build up the research to look smart for my mother to convince her to get me one. (a Lunette, may I add) Then I made a Powerpoint for her (cheesy I know) and I presented it in proper school fashion. It was so hard for me to bring it up to her, and then she brushed it off as if I had just discovered it and were saying " gimme gimme" I had researched Lunette for so long (at that point, around a year) and I just abandoned it for about 2 months.

And then it hit me. The answer to my worries.

I do a YouTube channel on Puberty. So, I smoothly emailed Lunette and mentioned that I was going to do a series on menstrual cups, and I was wondering if they would send me a sample. Thankfully, it was meant to be that I would receive a Lunette.

I am in utter and complete love with my Lunette. My periods have gotten lighter. I noticed that I actually bleed less than I thought I did, I guess tampons just amplify how much it looks like. I am 14, and a virgin, and I had absolutely no trouble getting used to my Lunette. (Using the c fold as well ) My learning curve was a straight line.  The only thing I had to do (which I really didn't have to) is trim off a little of the stem. Being the low cervix-ed (is that a word) me I am, I was surprised that it was so simple. I have had nothing go wrong. I got the Lunette Aine.

I suppose that I could have just prepared myself mentally so much that I knew exactly what to do. I am just saying, to all of the young people, don't give up on (menstrual cup) love, because it will find a way.

p.s. If you want to check out my YouTube, and subscribe maybe, that'd be cool ^_^

Constant leaking/spotting problems coming into third cycle with cup!

If you have need seen a post from me before; I'm 15 and a virgin and I'm about to be on my third cycle with my mini small and small Melunas in soft and normal. Ever since I started using them I have had the same problem and I've run out of possible solutions. My spotting problem hasn't been going from worse to better, it can be worse/non existent on any given day. I'm quite certain I'm inserting right as in having it pop open and I'm pretty sure it's positioned correctly in terms of my cervix because I've done a great deal of feeling around up there. I push on it so it has suction although I don't know how to make sure it does have a good seal. I always seem to have spotting and I have to use anywhere from 2 to 4 or 5 pantyliners each day, but I get nervous knowing that the leaking could get heavier at any given time because that has happened! How can I stop this problem? Btw when I empty the cup it's not overflowing, this is not what's causing the spotting. He spotting will start within the hour of insertion. It must be something else, and I want to fix it so I can feel confident inserting the cup. I don't want to insert then check it constantly till I know how heavy the leakage is then be paranoid all day! 

Quest for a new cup and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.

So I have been looking into buying a new cup to replace my large Green Donna (like Lunette), since I tore half the stem off trying to pull it out.  But I got my period today, a week early, I'm nervous now, as to how I am going to fare getting my cup out this time.  Even when it was 72mm long, I could barely reach it, and then it sometimes will not budge, I can't get my finger up high enough to release the suction.  I am looking at a large si-bell, it's apparently 74mm long, but I wonder if it will be too soft, or maybe soft would be better for me, since I have a high-tension pelvic floor dysfunction.  Does anyone else have PFD?  My pelvic floor muscles spasm and are very difficult to relax.  I need a long cup with high capacity.  My other option seems to be a MeLuna XL, Si-Bell, Natrual Mamma, large Lunette (which is what was my number one recommendation on the menstrual cup quiz, but is also like what I have now).
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