August 23rd, 2012

  • candyj9

Fleurcup shipping time?

Hi everyone--

I ordered a Fleurcup on August 10 and it shipped on the 13th, supposedly arrived and left New York on the 15th. I'm in California and so far, nothing. Is this fairly typical from what other Fleurcup users who ordered to the US experienced?

Getting very antsy as next week approaches. I was really hoping to have my new cup in hand by then.

Having a dilemma...

Hey there,

I've been using a lunette size 1 (no pregnancy) cup for about three years now, and up until recently, it was fantastic (big love for the menstrual cup phenomenon :) )

I have however had a couple of problems of late and I was hoping someone could give me some advice- if you have any, that is!

I had a copper IUD inserted in April, and I have had, singlehandedly, enough bleeding since then to sink the Titanic again. Literally. Although hope is on the horizon, as my periods have lessened to only two days of insanely heavy flow now, which is pretty good I think :)- my first period was about 400mLs of blood. No joke. I am so glad it isn't like that any more.

I'm loving the IUD in every way but since I had it put in my lunette has started leaking. It's only been since the insertion, which makes me think maybe my lunette has become a little too small for me now and it isn't forming the right seal and is therefore leaking. I think. It hasn't really ever happened before, but since my IUD went in, suddenly random bleeding- some days I'll be fine, others not so much. Sometimes I leak and the cup is practically empty. Apart from a few occaions where I have had a complete overflow (one horrifying morning in particular where I stood up and bled all over our cream coloured carpet- not pleasant :(  my lunette has been *just* big enough as long as I empty it very regularly (every four hours or so).

I normally have an extremely high anterior cervix (I can't reach it when I'm not on my period, and I can only just reach when it has dropped during my period), so I don't know that it's the length that is the problem...

I'm thinking maybe I need to try a new cup, because of the leakage- perhaps its too small for me now? I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck with different cups in similar situations? Would a softer bigger cup be a better option for me do you think?

I know parts of this have been covered before, I'm sorry, I just haven't found a combination of leakage and IUD and high cervix kind of solution, so I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts?

Sorry for the messy post, uni is hectic at the moment and my brain is all over the place...

Cheers, Jen