August 16th, 2012

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Selecting a menstrual cup to use with an IUD

I'm looking for advice on using a menstrual cup with my ParaGard IUD.  

My doctor recommended against using my Diva Cup with my IUD as she thinks it could dislodge it.  This seems to be a subjective opinion rather than a documented fact, so I'm exploring other menstrual cups that are shorter/smaller, which seems less likely to affect the IUD strings.  (She didn't seem to know what one was and had me bring mine in.  Then she said that it's designed for your cervix to sit inside it, which would make string interaction more likely.)

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I'm considering the following cups in the following order:
Meluna Classic small - 40 mm long
Lady Cup small - 46 mm long
Lunette small - 47 mm long

Also, the Meluna and am on my first period.  It's about the same flow thus far as when I was on the pill, which equates to about .25 oz or so in a 12 hour period.  My cervix is anywhere from 2-3" from my vaginal opening, with it being lower during my period.  My strings are cut to about 1" past my cervix and I don't plan to have them cut shorter.

I loved my Diva Cup, but I did feel it was the maximum size I could fit comfortably.  The only problem I ever had was urine leakage with a very full bladder and a sneeze or the like and a feeling li
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Thank you, thank you, and a couple of questions

A couple of years ago, a friend told me all about her wonderful new mooncup. I was curious, but shortly after I got pregnant and had a baby so I forgot about it. Sunday my period returned and on a whim I bought a mooncup UK A. Monday morning I tried it for the first time. I hated it! It hurt, it leaked, and I couldn't seem to position it like it showed in the instructions. By evening I was desperate, but it cost too much to give up that easily.

After Little One went to bed, I hit google and somehow found my way to this group. I quickly realized that my problems were caused by a low cervix. Then I read about turning the cup inside-out and decided to try it the next morning. OMG, what a difference it made! It fitted, no leaks, and no sharp end to poke me. So thank you, thank you, thank you! I probably would have ended up throwing my cup away if it wasn't for you guys.

I have a couple of questions:
1) LO still wakes in the night, so I tend to go to bed quite early. I'm usually in bed for around 10 hours, but the instructions say not to leave the cup in for more than 8. Is it OK to leave it in a bit longer, assuming it's not full?

2) I've been thinking of getting a larger capacity cup for heavy days. I need a short cup with my low cervix, but short ones also tend to be narrower and I'm worried that, with being a 32-year-old mother, smaller ones will fall out. Any suggestions?