August 14th, 2012


Insertion success, but some more questions to follow

Well, those of you who suggested I try inserting the cup on my period were right, it was a lot easier, and I actually managed to get it in all the way this time, with a fold I couldn't use at all during attempted dry runs even (punchdown). I did it in the shower.

However, I kind of freaked out once I did. The stem was sticking out to one side for one. I managed to straighten it out, but I wasn't sure if it had created a seal at all. I tried feeling around the base but it hurt a bit, and that point I panicked and decided I needed to get it out, which was tricky, and uncomfortable (I pulled down on the stem until I could reach the base). Once I managed to get it out I heard this *pop* noise,so I was wondering if that meant I had a seal after all? There was already some blood in the cup but I wasn't sure how much of it was from my period and how much of it might've been from my struggle, like maybe I tore my hymen or something. In any case I've chosen against trying to reinsert the cup again tonight, though I intend to later during this cycle since I didn't have it in long enough to really see if I could feel it or if it would ride up or if I had any other problems.... I don't actually hurt down there as I type so now I'm guessing I didn't break my hymen as I thought I did.

EDIT: tried inserting it again today. I didn't panic as much as I did last time, but I was less successful. I tried walking around with it in and realized I could feel to to one side. It wasn't sore, but it was uncomfortable, and I felt some chafing. When I removed it I also realized it never popped open from a punchdown fold. I have a difficult time feeling for if it's popped open or not, since inserting my finger with the cup in kind of hurts, like it's way too tight. I almost certainly can't get myself to move my finger up alongside the cup. Anymore advice anyone can give me?

Diva Cup Endorsement.

Someone had mentioned a USA swimmer endorsing Diva cups in a post last week so I looked into it further. The swimmer is actually Canadian swimmer Julia Wilkinson. Here are a couple of links.

Go Julia!!!!!

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Sterilizing mooncup UK

Hi! I just bought a mooncup UK yesterday, I've already used another cup so I already know the business here... sort of.
The problem is I'm going to be living with a classmate for about 3 months, so I'm looking for alternatives to sterilize my cup.

- I know sterilization is mandatory before the first use, I want to use a Medela sterilizing bag (this kind) is it safe?
- I want to use Milton tablets while I'm living with this classmate. Milton tablets aren't available in my country, but I'm assuming they'll be available in France (I think that's where they make them (?)) So is this a safe alternative too?

Thank you, I'm sorry if any of these questions were already asked, but I couldn't find them.

Problems removing my cup + question about MeLuna

Hello all.  This is my first post here.  I have been using menstrual cup for a few years now, it's a large size silicone Green Donna, and I love it, but have a few issues with it, the major one is I often have trouble removing my cup.  I have a long stem on my cup, but still sometime can't reach it even with finger and thumb to the hilt and a thumb, and this is painful.  The other day I was having real trouble getting it out again, and to my horror I broke the tip off the stem with my fingernail, then I had to fish around and bear down a lot to get my cup out  When I finally got it out it was empty, as my period had finished, but moments later there was quite a lot of sticky bright blood coming out,  different from period blood.  I thought that's weird so put the cup back in before bed, next morning I took it out with great difficulty, and it was clean and empty again, but straight after I removed it I bled again, and also had stinging burning sensation like perhaps I've torn something in there near the opening.  It is really hard to grab onto my cup sometimes and I often keep pinching the skin inside trying to pull it out,  so this is possibly what has happened, but I've never torn anything before.  It's been a bis sore down there since.  I am now looking at buying a new cup.  I also have had problems with leaking, and because it has been often difficult to remove, have had quite a few spillages.  I have extremely heavy periods at times.  I am 33, and have not  been sexually active for about 10 years.   I am strong in there, so says my gyno, and find it very difficult to relax, and my cups often end up firmly wedged in there, it's a real battle to get them out, partly because of pain as I have endometriosis and fibromyalgia.  Also I rarely seem to get my cup to open fully.  I am wondering if anyone else has similar issues, suggestions for a better brand cup?  I was thinking about one of those x-large MeLuna TPE plastic ones with the ring stem - maybe easier to hook it out with my finger nail?  Does anyone have experience with these or recommend something else for me?
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