August 13th, 2012

Can't get Diva Cup in place around day 4. Leaking

So, I've had my Diva cup for approximately 4 years now.
The first 3 days, my cervix is really low and the diva cup works great never leaking. However, after that I've never been able to master it and I would get slight leaks.
It never used to be much of an issue because my periods were light enough and the leaks were always very minor. Nothing black underwear didn't fix. Now I have a IUD its causing a lot of issues. Not sure if my cervix is sitting differently, or simply the heavier periods but its been way worse.

Basically my cervix is a lot higher and i feel like my vagina is shaped like an upside down vase, so that there's a lot more room for the diva cup to move a round an start to leak. I check to be sure my cervix is "in" the cup every time, and always about 2 hours later, its out of the cup and leaking.

I really want my IUD and Diva cup to get along, and I do not want to go back to pads/ tampons. Please help.

I'm 20, never had kids, and using the small Diva Cup. And I already kegal it into place, it still seems to move.

Shorter, heavier flow from cup?

Hello everyone!

I've had my Small MeLuna for quite a few months now. Using it is not a problem, but I did have a concern. When I first got my cup, it lasted about 6-7 hours on my heaviest day without leaking (almost a whole school day for me). However it wasn't long till I found myself having to empty it every 2 hours on a heavy day! I know that the Small MeLuna is really quite small, but I've never considered myself to have a heavy blood flow until using the cup. I just wanted to know if a similar situation has happened to anyone else, and if anyone knows why this is? It's quite a pain because now I would like to order a higher capacity cup, what a shame :(

EDIT: I commented below, but I probably did a bad job explaining. :$ It's not so much that it's heavier overall, it's that my period isn't as long. Instead of having 2 heavy days and then it slowly easing up, it seems like almost everything comes out in 1 day, as strange as that is. 

Some other people have reported the same thing...


Thinking about a new cup.

I've had my Diva cup small for about 4 years now, and its very discoloured and much softer than it used to be. So I'm thinking about getting a new cup of somesorts. I was wondering how all the design aspects of the cup effect its performance? So for those of you with multiple cups, how does each aspect effect its use such as insertion, suction, keeping in place, staining etc.

Length and Width are fairly obvious.
What does firmness effect?
What about size of the first and second lips?
How about positioning of the holes, number of holes, slantedness of the holes?
Silicone vs Rubber?

I liked the length of the Diva Cup with the stem completely off,
I also was thinking that I could do with a wider cup.
I definitely wouldn't want any smaller, I like how much it holds.
But I found I didn't get very good suction with my Diva Cup and it discoloured really fast.

Thankyou :)