August 6th, 2012


First-time user, possible hymen and the joys of lube

I actually got my first cup (a size 1 DivaCup) a couple of years ago, tried it a couple of times without success, and gave up. This weekend however, the stars lined up! Firstly, I saw a post on the internet mentioning cups, which piqued my thinking once more. Second, I read another post singing the phrases of 'Blood Cups' (as the author liked to call them -- I think it's cute), which made me decide to try my cup when my next period came along.

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ETA: I just took my cup out after my first night (it was a little painful, but that will either improve with time or a different cup), and while I had no leakage, I am a little worried/confused because there was very little blood in the cup, and a whole lot of clear liquid! I'm a chronic worrier so if anyone has any explanation as to what this 'liquid' might be, and whether or not it's a problem, I would be very thankful.