August 2nd, 2012

Cup was good to me.. now it's throwing a tantrum

This is my third cycle with my Medium Meluna Classic. The first two cycles went great. Now the cup keeps leaking. It definitely isn't filling up.. when  I take it out there is very  little in the cup. And I'm still having problems with it popping open. I have to put it in then manually open it and unfold it. 

When I put it in I make sure I can't feel my cervix outside the cup.. so I don't get why it's leaking. I'm swimming with friends later and I'm scared that I can't trust the cup :(

I've been wearing a pad with the cup just in case it leaks.. and the fluid on the pad and when I wipe is a lot darker then I'm used to when using pads. Any ideas why this is..?

I'm kind of considering a different cup that would pop open easier. I like the meluna ball stem.. and Meluna in general.. but I hear they aren't the best as far as popping open. So what is a good cup that opens easily and possibly has bigger air holes? Thanks!
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High Cervix, Awkward Cups

I've been using cups for about a year successfully, but I'm thinking of adding a new one to try to find my perfect match.  I mostly use a large Diva which works 90% of the time, but occasionally I'll have a whole cycle where my cervix seems to sit lower than usual and the Diva is difficult to insert.  It often ends up pressing on my bladder a bit as well, and generally being kind of uncomfortable (I'm going to try the inside-out trick next time this happens, but I'm still worried about the pressure issue).
I also have a small Moon Cup (US) which I sometimes use on light days or when the Diva is a problem.  Unfortunately, most of the time my cervix sits VERY high and the MC becomes painful to remove (as I can't really reach it enough to break the seal).  Both work fine (no leaks, pop easily) except for the minor discomfort issues.
Based on this it seems like I'd probably be happiest with a slightly softer cup of a medium size.  So, am I missing anything?  
Also, people with high cervixes - do you find certain types of grip to be easier?  I'm afraid of getting a shorter cup and having trouble reaching it, as the MC is often difficult to get a good grip on and remove, even with flexing it into a lower position.  I'm looking at the Meluna with the ring for this reason.  I'm also considering a Lunette or small Diva as they're easiest to acquire, but if I'm missing any obvious choices or other possible perfect cups, I'd love recommendations!

A question about leakage

So, this is my third cycle using my MeLuna mini, and I'm still very pleased with it. I'm currently at the heaviest point of my flow, and I'm experiencing some minor leakage. How much leakage is normal? What I'm having is easily caught by a pantyliner, but I'm just curious about whether there might be something I could do differently to reduce it.

It's definitely not overflowing; it's less than half full when I take it out to check it. I'm making sure that it unfolds fully once I insert it... I have a low cervix, but I'm pretty sure the cup's not positioned too high.

It's not really a big deal; I'm just curious because I'd love to avoid pantyliners if at all possible.

Overnight leakage...

Hi everyone--this is my first post here but I've commented on some others. I guess that's the cue for a little "about me"? I'm 24 and have no children, started using a small Diva in June and have no plans of ever going back to disposables. I also picked up 2 Meluna cups during the buy 1 get 1 sale beginning of July, a large classic and a large soft.

I chose the large because it seemed most similar in dimensions to my Diva, but I don't think they're going to work out. The rim on the classic is so firm I found it painful trying to insert and wanted nothing more to do with it. The soft will not open up no matter what I try. Various different folds (punch down, C fold, 7 fold, s fold) making sure air holes are positioned strategically, manually opening it up...nothing works. I'm not sure if it's just too soft for my body or what.

Last month my Diva had a couple of problems that seem to have resolved for the most part since I trimmed the stem almost completely off, but I also had some leaking. My Diva is much better this month. However, my problem of overnight leaking is persisting.

I managed to cut out any daytime leaking through tips I found here--namely checking to make absolutely sure my cervix isn't sitting outside the cup. It goes in fine, is pretty comfortable, and overall I'm quite happy with it. I empty it before I go to bed and in the morning, leakage. And I'm guessing because of the cup, my flow doesn't go where it normally would sans cup and can't really be contained by a pad because it spreads out over a much larger area.

When I remove the cup in the morning, it's not even quite half full. I took a nap earlier today (more like a short sleep, about 2 hours) and had no problems.

I love my backup cloth pads, but this overnight issue is driving me nuts. Any ideas how to fix this? Would really like to be nice, clean, and dry in the morning.

Another more minor issue is some difficulty with urination, I think because the cup is compressing my urethra to a degree. Other than this, the cup fits very well but I was contemplating a cup with a slightly smaller diameter? Maybe a small Lunette? It has the same softness rating as the Diva but seems like it's a little shorter and narrower. Opinions?

Thanks for the help.
Rufus Sewell

Ready For New Cup

I've been using my DivaCup for just under a year now, and I think I'm ready for a new one.

For the past two periods I've noticed that it tends to be very stiff. When it pops open it feels, frankly, like I'm being kicked in the crotch!
So I was wondering what you guys would recommend that might be a little bit softer. Not too soft because I still want it to open properly. I also want to make sure all materials are safe and non-toxic.
I've considered Lunettes but they look really long, though I'm told DivaCup is one of the longest. I don't have any special needs in terms of length, though I don't really want to go any longer than the DivaCup. Also in terms of size I'm not too worried, although I do tend to have heavy flow due to PCOS.
I appreciate any input.
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I found one of these on ebay today and it was $20 shipped to me, so I figured why not?  I currently use an older style large Yuuki.  Since Yuuki changed their cup a bit (I posted about that a day ago) and need a larger capacity cup due to my heavy flow, and I need a long cup due to my incredibly high cervix (sometimes I can barely reach the stem on my Yuuki), I decided to give this NaturalMamma a try.  Once I get it I will do a comparison to my Yuuki.  Has anyone else tried this cup out yet?