August 1st, 2012

So many issues...:'(

Sorry to add another post but I really have so many issues going on.  I've been reading the posts on here and have tried to figure it out myself to no avail.  Here's my situation:

Bought a Divacup 1 on friend's recommendation before knowing about this community (love it btw!).  This is my 2nd cycle with it, on my 1st cycle, I didn't "get the hang of it" early on when I had a heavy flow so didn't face many of these issues.

I have a pretty short cervix, about 1.75 inches in.  My opening is pretty small, but once you get inside, there is like, spaces on the left and right (nooks and crannies!) of the cervix.  Because the cervix is short, I have to flip the cup inside out.  I use the labia folding method, this is the smallest circumference I can get the cup to fold and the ONLY way I can get the cup in.

  1. When I put the cup in, it unfolds itself, but there is NO WAY to pop this sucker open to a fully circular shape.  Is it supposed to?  There is simply no space!  I guess my pubic bone is in the way?  Am I doing this wrong?
  2. When I put it in, the bottom is still peeking out but not sticking out.  Is this correct?  And I'm not sure how to "position it toward your cervix", (though I feel like it is positioned toward my cervix? so I don't really need to worry about this?) because there is like, no space and no other way I can possibly position it.. No alternate positions to explore.  Any advice?
  3. 5 minutes after insertion, the cup travels inward.. to the right of my cervix, into a nook/cranny. It goes maybe 1 inch inward, and stays here no matter what.  I can only take it out or leave it there, there is like no space for me to move it elsewhere.  It still does not expand into a fully circular shape though.  And because it's deeper inside, and no longer covering my cervix, I get some slobber.  Most of the stuff stays in the cup though, but there is enough coming out where I need to wear a pad/pantyliner.  I have no idea why the cup is traveling like this, and I didn't really see other people posting on it.  What do you think?
  4. Important:  When I'm wearing the cup, I'm always kind of aware that it's in there, and I think it's my cervix feeling it and being sensitive to the fact that the cup is resting next to it.  It woke me up really early this morning and I couldn't even go back to sleep b/c I had the feeling of the cup inside me.  Normally, I am a very heavy sleeper and can ALWAYS fall back asleep... Now this cup that I want to love is making me have dark circles under my eyes and tired all day at work :(  Does anyone else have issues with having their cervix feel the cup all the time?
  5. This one's not as important, but if I'm not on a heavy flow, I literally have to put water in my vagina for lubrication.  What do you gals use?  Is it bad to use tap water?  I've seen people post about using lube but I'm not a fan, it just feels so *unnatural*..
So I was thinking, maybe I should get a different (wider?) cup for my short cervix?  Maybe this is the answer to all my problems?  But I want to at least figure this out to a certain point with the Divacup that I have before trying to get another one.  I might not be doing things right with this one and might not understand cups and cup usage well enough to make a wise decision on selecting the Diva replacement.  Or maybe I'm just not using this correctly, and once I do, I will love the Divacup?

Thank you for reading and thanks in advance for responding.  Any responses are immensely appreciated!  :)  By the way, if any of my questions have been answered extensively in other previous posts feel free to link them instead of re-typing stuff!

Can You Safely "Sun" Coloured Cups?

Hi Everyone!

I know some people suggest "sunning" your cups for discolouration, smells, etc., but I was wondering if it's ok to sun coloured cups. Do you think the sun would cause the colour to fade over time as it does with clothes and other coloured items? Also, how long do you sun your cups for?

Thanks for your help!

New Yuuki....yucky :(

My go to cup is the large Yuuki.  I got it in March, 2010, and I LOVE my Yuuki cup.  A few months ago I thought that maybe I should get another one, just to have.   I came here and saw that they had changed the design a bit, making it more stiff.  Figured, eh, I'll try it out anyway.

First, it is stiffer, but I figured I could deal.  I did.  Insertion was pretty similar, I do a punch down/shell fold.  It was a little harder to fold, but not bad, and insertion was ok.  I left it in for 12 hours, and then it was time for removal.

All I can say is ow.

First, the suction on this new Yuuki is very powerful.  The bottom of the cup is much stiffer, so it was much harder to squish it to break the seal.  Second, the grip rings at the bottom of the cup seem more pronounced on this newer Yuuki, and sharper.  Though I was able to grip them easily, they dragged across the lining of the canal and were uncomfortable as I pulled the cup out.  And finally, the new design has a sharper edge around the lip of the cup and it was downright painful as I pulled it out.

I am very unhappy.  I absolutely LOVE my older Yuuki, and I need the capacity.  I have a very high cervix, and a very heavy flow for two days of my period (I filled up the Yuuki three times in 4 hours this past Saturday).   This new Yuuki is simply no where near as comfortable as the old, and I am very sorry I didn't get another one before they switched the design.

I am still looking for a replacement cup that is long, as soft as the original Yuuki (but not too soft), and has a similar capacity.
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Practice made success!

Hello o/ I'm a BBW from the UK. I thought I'd post my story to encourage other cup newbies if they have a bad first experience, as I did.

I bought my Mooncup B (UK) on a whim in Boots a few months ago after absolutely zero research. I got it home and did a few dry runs, trimming about half the stem off as I did so. In the course of this, I found which fold worked for me (punchdown ftw), and found putting it in was pretty easy - the work of only a few seconds really.

As I wasn't wearing the cup for very long during my dry runs it was easy peasy to take out because it wasn't really riding up at all (in fact, this is why I trimmed such a lot of the stem away).

Satisfied that I could deal with it come my period, I boiled it and put it away.

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Clearly there's still some finessing to be done, but I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere. I'm certainly no longer thinking of getting rid of the cup. Now I'm getting there with the removal I feel like I'm actually falling a bit in love with it - it's so comfortable!

Anyway, thank you to everyone here who has contributed to posts in the past, because at some point over the last few days I've read your encouragement and tips and it's really helped me. To anyone reading this who is struggling with removal - keep going! You will get there :) ♥