July 24th, 2012

Diaphragm questions

Hello! Not exactly a menstrual cup question, but I saw the tag and decided to ask here.

I'm a 20 year old virgin, but I am in a committed relationship and will probably end up losing my virginity within the next year or so. I am already on the pill (to regulate my period) and we have easy access to condoms, but I'm an extremely paranoid and worrisome person so I want to add another contraceptive method just to ease my mind, so I thought that a diaphragm sounded like a pretty good idea, given that it could also make period sex a bit easier. I've been trying to do some research online before my first GYN appointment, but I haven't been able to find much and I still have many questions. So...

What can I expect for my first fitting?
I would prefer one made of latex. Will I be able to choose the material my diaphragm is made of without it affecting the cost too much?
Will using the diaphragm on my period decrease its effectiveness?

And if anyone could link me to a decent resource on diaphragms, that would be much appreciated. I can't find any!

Thanks! <3

My Goldilocks Cup?! <3

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to start out by commending Luneshop on their amazing customer service. I was extremely happy with their level of support and kindness and highly recommend them. They bent over backwards for me and I can tell that they truly care about their customers.

Next up, I think I may have found my Goldilocks cup! It may be a little early to say for sure, but I think this one is perfect. I was having trouble finding a cup that:

- accommodated my heavy flow
- specifically stated that it was fine for use with IUD's
- didn't interfere with urination
- was an appropriate length for my low cervix
- and popped open easily

Enter Lunette Model 1. I always thought my heavy flow restricted me to size 2 models, but in a flash of brilliance I decided to try a smaller size. I love everything about the Lunettes in general, especially how easy it is to pop open, so if this little baby can accommodate my flow, I'll be one happy lady! And the Aine colour is just gorgeous!

So, for those of you who experience bladder issues but don't want to get a super soft cup, (I personally find that they take a lot more effort to pop open- something I don't want when I'm on the run), Lunette model 1 in your favourite colour may just be your Goldilocks cup, too!