July 22nd, 2012

My cervix is taking up room in the cup?

Hi, I'm new here... My name is Brenda and I'm 16 years old. I'm on my 2nd cycle using the DivaCup and it's pretty much awesome... it doesn't hurt, and I got past the learning curve pretty quick. But for the past couple of days (this didn't happen on my other cycle) the cup has been leaking, and when I take it out, it's not even halfway full. It happens every 4-5 hours. So I did a little (actually a lot :P) of research and found that my cervix is probably taking up room in the cup, causing it to become less capacious and leak. Any suggestions for what to do? I've heard to turn it inside-out a lot, but that doesn't seem like that would fix MY problem. I use the punch-down fold. I am thinking that I should let it pop open as soon as the rim is inside, then just coax it in a lower than usual? Because usually I put it in pretty deep... and that is probably the problem. And I don't really want to buy anther cup, I really like this one other than this problem and I spent almost $40 on this one.You ladies are the experts here, what do you think? <3
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Was taking a look at the Femcap cervical cap (barrier contraceptive) and came across the Femmycycle (http://www.femmycycle.eu/), a seemingly new menstrual cup with a 'No Spill Design". I'm not sure I understand the usefulness of this no spill design, but it's amazing that people are coming up with even more modifications!

It doesn't seem to be listed on the sidebar here at all. Have any of you heard of this menstrual cup before?

(Btw, I tried searching menstrual_cups for this and nothing came up but I'm not sure if it was working properly either. Sorry if I'm repeating someone here.)