July 21st, 2012

Cool Idea For Cup Washing In Public Restrooms!

Hi all,

I found a really neat idea online for cup washing in public restrooms, and its less bulky than a water bottle to carry around, especially if you don't use a purse! 

Its called "WuduMate".

It was really invented for Muslims, who are using public restroom.  "Wudu" is their washing ritual (hey pray 5 times per day, and they must rinse their intimate areas, face, hands, forearms and feet with water 3 times before each prayer).  It allows them to wash the intimate areas in a public stall.  And hey, I also know a few muslim sisters who use a menstrual cup, so that could be extra useful for them!

Anyway, it is basically a plastic water bag with a spout and handle, which can be folded up and put in your pocket, or your purse, then re-filled and emptied, and folded back up again for next time! 

I thought it might be a really cool way to manage cup washing in a public wash room too, you could just fill it up at the sink before you go in.  Or even for people who just had a baby, to help keep clean "down there".  Or out doors while camping!  Here is a link to it below with pictures, I would say see if you can find some websites where you can order one-- try it out!  I plan to get one soon.  And it if turns out to be really useful, I might ask them if they need any American stockists :D:


What do you think?
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Need help picking a case/pouch

I lovelovelove my Divacup and try to keep one in my purse at all times because my cycle is irregular. I'm afraid of the wear and tear on it from being in my bag in the flimsy bag it came with.  I'm looking online for a breathable case (preferably a hard case) and came across these silk Chinese fortune cookie-esque hard cases lined in fabric. They're super cheap and I'd ideally buy a few as backups. Do you think these are breathable or would ruin my cup? Should I also invest in a bunch of cheap muslin drawstring bags?
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Cup ownership

To be clear: I'm asking about about length of ownership of a single, unique cup.

Poll #1855252 How long have you had your cup?

How long have you continuously used a single cup?

1+ years
2+ years
3+ years
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7+ years
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10+ years

Which cup is best for an IUD?

22, NP, mirena.

I've used a divacup for a year or so and it's great. I don't know if my cervix is low or high. It's just short of the middle knuckle in, so about 1.5" in. I love the length of the diva as it leaves enough room to pinch the base to release the suction without touching the cervix, which sort of sits in the cup Also, even though I have the stem trimmed, the base sits right at the entry of my vagina so I don't have to "fish" for it and I don't feel it. I have the mirena now and I'm afraid to use the cup. I need a new cup anyway as my diva is a little dingy and the suction is hard to release (plus I want pretty colors!). I want something with enough length to avoid accidentally grabbing the string (it's been cut short, about 1cm). I'm between a large Ladycup or a large Lunette from looking at this chart:


I'm leaning towards the large Lunette as I feel the stiffness will aid in releasing the suction and their site explicitly says it's ok to use with an IUD. What do you think?

new cup - what's the deal?

I had a Small Ladycup for 3 years, I loved the cup. However, it got a crack in it and started leaking. Quite sad. But I ordered another - same size but different color. Anyway, this is my first period with the new cup and I'm having leak issues. Unfortunately I disposed of the first cup since it had a hole so I can't compare the old and new as far as size. Did Ladycup change their product? I don't know what else could be causing the problem since its the same cup and same size I had been using for years. Any ideas?