July 14th, 2012

Meluna Sports Review

so I have given my Small Meluna Sports a dry run - I have to say it was easy to insert!
I used a C fold and it seemed to pop open easily. The punchdown method also worked well.
 have a high cervix so had to bear down a lot to get it out - it has a ball stem which is easy to grab. I find my cups get squished flat inside me - steel trap pelvic muscles? lol but the Sports was slightly flattened but not as much as my regular melunas. I kind of wish I had got a larger size because having an easy to insert cup on heavier days would be great. 
Anyhooo - that's my little review - please feel free to ask any questions you have - there is bound to be stuff I have forgotten to write here 
xx G

DISGUSTING smell! :(

Hey! :) So I just got back from a camping trip that I unfortunately had my period for. >:( Of course it was lovely to have my trusty Diva! Fantastic for things like this! But I did have to use a public washroom all week, meaning that I couldn't wash it every time, not even using just water. Every time I took it out it smelled TERRIBLE! :O Ew! But when I got home today it was ten times worse since it had been used and just wiped all week. I washed it very well with both soap and water (soap was scented), didn't smell too much better, so I tried again, still smelled awful. Finally I just said whatever and put it in my cloth bag. I really don't want to leave it like that but I don't really know what else to do. I am sure there are many others out there who have dealt with that fantastic smell. Is there anything I can clean it with? The only problem is that I am only 14 so I can't go out and buy random things whenever I want and do not wish to ask my mom either... Something I might have at home? Or will I just have to suck it up and ask?...Thanks very much!