July 10th, 2012

Which Menstrual Cup is Best For You?

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This quiz will hopefully help you decide which menstrual cup is best for you. Check out the professional website though because I use a generic rule that 30 years or older is usually a size A, Size 2, or Large where as in LadyCup, the rule is 25 years of age.

Note: This is sort of a dichotomous key because I could not find an actual quiz site that would let me have multiple questions or multiple answers. To figure out the result, remember your answer then look down below and compare!

1. Are you younger than 30 and have not given birth (except by Cesarean)?

2. What length is your vagina?
Short ( EASY to reach with middle finger)    Note: This will mean you probably looking for a short cup (40-50mm without the stem)
Medium/Long         Note: this will be a cup bigger than 50 mm excluding the stem.

3. Which size do you prefer? (Diameter size)
Narrow - For younger than 30 (under 42 mm)
Medium - For all (42-45mm)
Wide- For women older than 30 (46mm and up)

If you answered:  Yes, Short, Narrow ; You should look at Small Fleur Cup, Small LadyCup, Small Lunette, Small Meluna, Small Si-Bell, Yukki Size 1, CupLee Small (This is not out yet and may never come out), Small MiaLuna, JuJu size One, Small Iris Cup, Small Mini Meluna

If you answered: Yes, Short, Medium; You should connsider: FemmeCup, Medium Meluna, Mooncup UK B, Natu 1 (this is a hard brand to find), Iris Cup Large, Medium Mini Meluna

If you answered: Yes, Short, Wide; Consider: Mooncup UK size A,  Natu 2 ( a hard brand to find), JuJu 2
Note: Even though you answered young, these cups are all for women over 30 because they are wide but there is discussion that it really just depends on if you are comfortable with wide cups even though you are young

If you answered: Yes, Med/Long, Narrow; Consider: NaturCup 0, Miss Cup B, Diva Cup 1

If you answered: Yes, Med/Long, Medium; Consider: Keeper B, Mooncup US B, She Cup (One size fits all), Naturalmama (One size fits all), Mia Cup 1, NaturCup 1

If you answered: Yes, Med/Long, Wide; Consider:  None... Good luck. You know this is all because you wanted it wide :) Well try again!

If you answered: No, Short, Narrow; Consider: None, this is because you chose narrow. Normally women older than 30  use a medium or wide.

If you answered: No, Short, Medium; Consider: FemmeCup (One size), Large Iris Cup

If you answered: No, Short, Wide; Consider: MoonCup UK A, Natu 2, JuJu 2, NaturCup 2(not specified what the real length without the stem is! This brand does not have a lot of information available)

If you answered: No, Med/long , Narrow; Consider: None. Try a medium or wide width

If you answered: No, Med/long , Medium ; Consider: Diva 2, MissCup A, She Cup(one size fits all), Large CupLee, NaturalMama (one size fits all)

If you answered: No, Med/long , Wide; Consider: Large Fleur Cup, Keeper A, Large LadyCup, Large Lunette, L Meluna, XL Meluna, Mooncup US size A, Si-Bell Large, Yukki 2, MiaLuna Medium, MiaCup 2, NaturCup 2

EDIT: For heavy/ medium flow periods, the listed cups hold somewhere in the range of 25ml to 35ml from base to the top: Diva 1 and 2, Femme, Fleur S and L, Keeper A, LadyCup L, Lunette S and L, Meluna L and XL, MissCup A and B (I think),  Mooncup UK A and B, MoonCup US A, Si-Bell L, Yukki 2, CupLee L (and potentially the small if it the design is finished),
Naturalmama, MiaLuna S and M, JuJu 2, MiaCup 1 and 2, NaturCup 2.

All the other cups listed I would consider to be more for light periods (or if you do not mind changing more often and have a medium flow). Thus meaning the cup will only hold anywhere up to 24ml from base to top.

Please check the actual website to learn the exact capacity of the cup.

I hope this helps at least one person since it took so long to make! In the end, the cup you choose is up to you, but this idea came to me when I was struggling finding my next cup because of my specific bodily needs! If you have any quesions, ask me! Some helpful sites that I also used were http://sizecharts.livejournal.com/ and http://menstrualcups.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/www-clothpads-org_cupcomparison_8-11-11_1b.png

measuring for a menstrual cup

Hi there. I've only posted here once before (http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/2705326.html) and figured I'd post again. I'm a 26-year-old genderqueer transguy (FTM), and I've had vaginal sex before (rarely), but have never given birth. I don't use tampons, just cloth pads (but I'm getting kinda tired of them). I was on testosterone for a little over 7 years & 4 months and had completely stopped menstruating for almost that whole time. I stopped taking testosterone in early February of this year, and started having periods again by mid-late April. They're irregular so far, but the flow is increasing, and so far it's a medium flow - but I had pretty heavy periods prior to taking testosterone, so I'm expecting it to get heavier.

Anyway, I've looked through the size charts and things, but I couldn't find out what position to be in while measuring. I've measured for length by inserting a middle finger: first, while lying on my back, then a second time, while sitting up. Lying on my back, it measured around 3 inches (I didn't have a ruler) by the time I could touch my cervix. Sitting up, it only measured about 1.75" before I could touch my cervix. Which measurement should I use? I've never tried a menstrual cup before, so I don't know if there's a specific position to be in or not while getting measurements. I measured for width and only was able to get 2 fingers in all the way side by side.

Also, the last time I posted in here, people recommended I get either a small Meluna (if I have a light or medium flow, it seems like), or a small Ladycup or small Lunette. The small Meluna doesn't have much capacity from what I've heard, so I might try a different cup. Any other suggestions besides those aforementioned ones?

Thanks a bunch :) I'm glad this community exists!