July 6th, 2012

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switching cups for financial reasons?

Here goes. Im thinking of switching cups simply for financial reasons, but im scared. Thing is i lost my Diva size 2 cup last month while on vacation... didnt realize it till now that ive started my period but thats a whole nother gripe that ive already vented. But the thing is, hubby lost his job just after vacation too (in a nutshell, found out boss was dealing drugs, didnt go back to work) so though i really need and want to replace my cup, looking at a 40 dollar diva is feeling selfish to me, when there are other cups out there that arent as expensive. Especially when i found the starter set two for one Melunas for just 26 bucks plus 9 shipping and handling.. not trying to buy here just wondering if the xl or L meluna is going to be similar enough to my beloved Diva to suit me? Diva is the only cup ive ever had, picked it up online maybe a year and a half ago? With advice from you guys if i recall, but back then i guess it was cheaper... im also having a SLIGHT issue with the rim strenth on my diva, i have to remove it to drain all my urine when i have to pee, i suspect lack of drainage may have led to a severe bout of UTI's and kidney stones recently, plus.. ehem, hubby says the cup stretches me out a bit... weird since ive given birth five times without any complaints in that department, but anyway was thinking maybe a soft meluna might be less of an issue for both matters? Any hints, tips, advice? Suck it up and buy the diva? Something else im missing altogether? Oh and i have seriously major flow, so something smaller wont do, i fill the diva once every two hours on my hardest flow days, and im talking FILL, so high capacity is a must... im hating on the instead im having to use.. instead for now heh. so messy, bleh. Oh and so much missing the cramp reducing qualities of my diva... so also looking for recommendations on places with superfast shipping.. Thank you ladies so so much!! You all convinced me to start on this journey and i will never, never, NEVER go back to tampons and pads again, let me tell you that.
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High cervix question. Help please!

Hello Everyone,

I've used a cup and/or cloth pads for a few years now at least so this isn't necisarily the typical question.  To explain myself.I own a large fleurcup, a large meluna, and a small meluna.  All of which work for me at different times.  Where my issue lies is when I wake up from sleeping at night.  My fleurcup rides up high by morning, which I understand it will go where it pleases and I don't have an issue with that part.  Problem is by morning it seems to ride so high I can just about reach it with 1 finger sometimes I can't reach it except for the stem if I can reach that well enough to grip.  Usually I can't.  Aparently I have a high cervix which I didn't realize as my cups don't always move up so high.
I know the normal answer to this would be change position, squat, or one leg up on the toilet seat.  The trick with me is I cannot walk, stand up to change position, or balance myself enough to squat in any way. When I do manage to grab my cup if it goes on a disappearing mission I am basicly sitting on my hand which isn't a good thing either because I lack flexability in my hips and my balance stinks also so I could fall when I have to do that.
I was wondering which longer cups would work for me.  Or at least your opinions  Also I need a large compacity because my first day or two I am quite heavy.  Anyway, I was looking around and was thinking either a large Yuuki, A large Diva, or an Extra large Meluna. I have more concerns as to which would work though.  The  Yuuki is aparently very stiff according to the charts compared to the fleurcup at least.  The stiffness of the fleur usually doesn't bother me. 9 times out of 10 I don't feel it and the times I do I think are just crappy blechy periods anyway.  The Yuuki though is a considerable bit stiffer than that though.  I leant towards the Yuuki in the first place for the extra compacity.  Is the stiffness something I'd get used to and feel less as time went on?  Just like you get used to wearing a cup.
I know the Diva is the longest cup available but I'm slightly scared of the evil (or so I've heard) suction holes.  I don't have much ability to steady myself with my legs alone.  So if one hand was busy fiddling to break the suction for a couple minutes I'd be a little nervous because of the position leaning over.  Plus, if I remember right it has less compacity than some of the other larges? Also I think I would actually prefer a stiffer cup.  As I said fiddling in a wonky position long unnerves me so it'd be easier if it popped open quicky.  The last option i found was the X Large meluna.  My concern there is how much compacity I'd actually gain?If it would warrant buying a meluna over the other cups.  As it is I bought the fleurcup after having a large meluna for the extra compacity.  Also it is the most unreliable cup I have as far as popping open so Meluna and I do not have a good track record going. :)
So to paraphrase which cup would work for me out of those?  Or any others if you think they'd work.  Taking into account length and compacity being I need it and extra wouldnt hurt considering I'd be sleeping.  Also it would be nice if it was on the stiffer side to pop open easy.  Thanks for your help.  Also, I apologize this is really long it's late :)

ahhh my cups are here - UPDATED

my Meluna order arrived today! it was so big it came in a box!!

I promise to post heaps of pictures but will have to wait until the weekend to have time to do it properly in the daylight to get the colours right etc..   also - if anyone can direct me to info about posting a picture on Livejournal I would appreciate it - I have not uploaded pics here before :)

I ordered the following cups - 
Small Sport Ball Stem - (electric violet)
Set of Small Soft Ring Stem (yellow) and Medium Ring Stem (green) + yellow silicone washing cup (it's so cute!!)
Small Original Regular Stem - (green)

The freebies are as follows from what I can tell - 
Medium Original Ring Stem (purple)
Small Soft Rig Stem (yellow)
Medium Regular Stem (orange)
Medium Ball Stem (blue glitter)
Large Ring Stem (green)
Large Ball Stem (orange)
X-Large Ring Stem (purple)

the cups I already have had for a few years - 
Small Original Regular Stem (this is the old shiny blue with the very stretchy stem)
Medium Original Regular Stem (light pink)
Large Old Style Ball Stem (purple)

so OMG I am swamped with cups at the moment!! I did ask for samples because I wanted to give my sister one but now I have heaps to give to my friends as they sent pamphlets for the samples too. I am so amazed by how generous the lovely Meluna people are :) :) :)

I haven't tried any in yet - It's 8am here and I have to go to work today but I will have a try over the weekend and let you all know what I think - especially of the Sport! 

The only thing I have really noticed is that the Sport is not as hard as I expected - it is slightly less flexible than the normal ones but it is still easy to fold and handle. The matte finish they put on these cups is a great design feature I think. The Soft cups are VERY squishy - I don't think I'm even going to be able to get one in me but we will see...

Click my name to go to my lj where there are 2 albums of pics :)