July 4th, 2012

Hello Libra

Can't Live Without It!

I haven't read or posted on LJ in forever, but I had to post this...

I lost my Diva cup about a cycle ago, and ended up having to dig up some old tampons I hadn't managed to pawn off on someone else to tide me over.

OMG, I knew I loved my cup, but I'd forgotten what a HUGE difference it makes!! I had been too broke to buy a new cup, but I finally stopped into my local co-op, and said I needed to use my equity in it to cover the cost of a cup, 'cause I couldn't live another MINUTE without one!!!

What was I THINKING not having a back-up (or 10??)??

Anyway, I'm posting this partially to help others not make my mistake. For the love of God, go get a back-up cup!!!

Also, I think I might decide to be one of those who gets a collection of cups... different brands, all colors, that sort of thing. Locally, I can get Diva and Keeper, and I'm sure I can look through the archives/tags to find what else is out there and where to get them, but I also wouldn't mind if people kept me lazy by commenting with that info. :) Also, if anyone is selling something, I might be able to get one or more that way, once my paycheck hits.

Using my (new) cup again, and couldn't be happier!!!
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