June 28th, 2012

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can you file a meluna?


i recently ordered some meluna cups, good service it only took 1 week to be posted from germany to the uk and by total coincidence arrived halfway through my period. i got mini and classic cups in s+m sizes. all the cups have 2 seams down the sides of the cup, one of the seams on my small mini cup is quite raised and its irritating me. could i file it with a nail file or use sandpaper or something? i don't want to wreck that cup because i think its the one. thank you.
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New Cup After 6 Years

I bought my first menstrual cup, a Divacup (the smaller model I think), back in 2006 and I am still using it today. I'm thinking about getting a new cup though, but the problem is there is so much more choice! When I bought mine there was only the Keeper, Mooncup (UK), Divacup, (possibly Lunette) and the Instead disposables. As a guide, I'll tell you what is currently bugging me about my DivaCup:
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I remember I came on here a few years ago, when I think cups such as the Lunnette, MeLuna, LadyCup, MiaCup, Femme were fairly new. I remember thinking about getting the Lunette because it had larger holes at that stage and was maybe a bit firmer? (Edit: I just read http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/2568357.html#cutid1, so perhaps for leaking and popping I should consider a softer cup?) However, now there are many more options and even the Australian made Juju. I'm Aussie, though I'm looking for quality (my goldilocks cup as they say), not area of make.

I haven't done this in so long. What sizes, brands, features would you recommend? Any good posts to re-direct me to? There is so much to find, sometimes I feel it's hard to find the good information.

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What does spotting look like?

So I recently got a progestorin (sp?) implant in my arm...a couple of months ago. I have had a normal period, though it was a week late, and now I'm due again.

I've never had any sort of spotting before. I understand what it's meant to look like on a pad...but what does spotting look like in a cup? I think I'm getting spotting, but I'm not sure.

There is a small amount of red discolouration in the clear fluid in the bottom of the cup (only a couple of millimeters worth). In addition, there are small amounts of red blood-like something in the vaginal goo/mucus.

Is this what spotting should be in a cup? I had it one morning, and then the next, so I'm guessing it's not just the start of my period.

I'm guessing the spotting is a result of the implanon. I just don't know if it's actually spotting. I left my cup out for today, and going by the colour on my undies it almost looks like a yeast infection...but I'm not entirely sure. I'm gonna leave it a bit on that one.

Questions, removal, yeah

Hey hey, cuppers. I love my cups, yes I do. They make my life so much easier. 

So, I bought a new cup - the ladycup, and it's purple/lilac. I dig the color, but I'm not too fond of the ridges at the base. They're hard to get a grasp on, even the cup is hard to grasp with dry fingers. I don't know if it is the texture or what, but it's weird and hard to do. I also feel like I have SERIOUS suction with this cup. Like..."facehugger, not letting me go, holy moly wtf is going on" suction.

I'm curious - if any of you have a ladycup, do you have the same issues/things happen when you use your cup? Do you have a specific way you remove it that makes it easy to grasp? I found I can get my finger up far enough to release suction and work it out, but I'm wondering if there's a tip or trick I don't know about when it comes to that super-duper-suction removal.