June 20th, 2012

Almost There!

I have a few questions about my small Lunette & using it.
How far in does it need to be? Is it like a tampon, but u leave the stem out or no?
I had struggled two days with getting it in until I finally got it up to the stem by lying on my back with my legs spread around a mirror on the wall. I assumed that was high enough and got up to try and get it to open. I was so nervous anticipating the pain of it popping.open (because my first attempt it popped open with half the rim in and hurt like hell). I tried twisting it, which I later read isn't necessary. I tried running my finger around it, but I didn't see how that was doing anything but running my finger around it. Trying to twist it was excrutiating and I "ow"ed the whole time trying to and then slowly trying to get it out. When I took it out though, I noticed there was a little bit of blood in the cup. Is it necessary to fully open the cup?

At this point, I almost hate the cup. It seemed so wonderful reading about it but it's been physically such a pain. Is it always going to take 30 minutes and lying down? It's not going to work out if I need to lie down on a public bathroom floor and deal with this cup. It's so frustrating because I just want it to work. I'm 16 and a virgin and my vagina still hurts like hell, even with a tampon. I gave up because I figured I'd only further irritate my vagina to keep trying. Even insterting a tampon stings slightly now.
I think I'll wait until next month, but this whole situation is stressful. Is it ever going to work?
Does anyone have advice?
Thank you :)

HELP! I can't get my menstrual cup out!

I am a first time cup user, I'm 15 and a virgin.
My two Melunas came in the mail yesterday and I wanted to take my mini small in soft for a dry run.today I put it in and was able to get it in and have it pop open quite easily, so I was excited! I decided to take it out so I could continue to practice before my period comes. I first go to take it out and I can't even reach the base of it but I can feel the stem. (the mini Melina's are quite short). I struggle for about 20 minutes then decide to have a bath and try, no such luck.
Again this afternoon I tried and was able to reach the base of the cup using Kegle exercises and squatting, by when I could grab the base my fingers slipped and I could not get it out! I tried for another 20 minutes and now I don't know what to do! I feel like I can't even get a good enough grip on the cup since my thumb and pointer finger are squished against each other in my vag cannal. But the main problem is is that it's to slippery! 
Live already had the cup in for about 5 hours so time is running out soon cuz it's already almost the evening. Please tell me how I can get the darn thing out before I'm forced to go to the doctor!
And sorry for how log this post was...

giving a talk on alternative menstrual products?

I have a bunch of educational info on alternative menstrual products from when I used to give lectures on alternative menstrual products back in the day. If someone is interested in having these, let me know. Lots of time and research went into creating these informational packets so I'd hate to just recycle them. They'd also be good for someone doing projects/research on alternative menstrual products and/or individuals just interested in learning more about alternative menstrual products.

Thanks, Sara

X-Posted cloth pads comm

EDIT: I found a home for the educational packets. Thanks, everyone!


I'm 15 virgin and really want to use a menstrual cup!  Honestly it is taking forever to insert it and I have wasted 3 periods just TRYING to insert it.  I have tried it on an angle, lying down, going in the shower, and almost everything else.  I try to relax as best I can.  The only fold I haven't tried is the labia but I fear i will loose grip on it and it will open halfway causing so much pain!  That has happened to me 3 times, I'm so close to getting it in and then POP and i just haft to get it out!  I really want to use a menstrual cup for various reasons and I have stuck my fingers into my vagina before, that is actually pretty easy to do.  I have a small Lunette, and the size really isn't overwhelming so I don't know what is going on.  Any other tips or help would be greatly appreciated!