June 18th, 2012

Which would be the best cup for me?


I've never used a tampon before, but am to the point where I don't want to use pads. I'm off the college in the fall and I don't want to either be labeled as strange because I use pads - or have to frequently go and get more. Seems like a big messy pain that I don't want to deal with at college.

I'm a virgin. 16, turning 17 if that makes any difference. I've no idea of what kind would work best for me. I don't want to spend a lot of money on one, but I want to do it fairly soon so I can start using it before college.

So, in your minds, what would work best for someone who is a virgin and has never used tampons?


Wits end

I spent a good amount of time researching and contemplating and have now been trying to use a Lunette Model 2 for about 3 months now.  The first month wasn't terrible, I experienced leakage on heavy days but just thought that I'd get past it.  Second month it was a little worse, heavy days and other times.  Well this past time, I pretty much just shouldn't have tried using it at all. 
I have tried every fold, I check by "stirring" and the cup is open, in fact I hear the suction when I pull it out, but it's leaking constantly now.  I have no idea what I'm doing wrong I don't even know where to start and I am just so frustrated. It leaks within pretty much minutes of it being put in, it's like it's not even there.
Prior to this I had tried softcups and they didn't work at all, ever so I abandoned that.  I'm about to abandon the Lunette too.
Oh and perhaps part of my issue is I can't feel my cervix at any point, it seems to be way out of reach. 
Anyone have any ideas? HELP!!

Potentially The Most Bizarre Cup Story Ever

Ok, so I have a large Yuuki. After 'sexy time' with my boyfriend, I inserted the cup and went to sleep. Fast forward to early the next morning when I began dreaming that I was having severe vaginal pain, only to wake up and realize that it was real... really real! The pain was unlike anything I've ever felt before, so I knew something was wrong. I ran to the bathroom and tried to take my cup out before I realized that the cup had turned completely on it's side, making the stem unreachable. The pain was so intense I started passing out and had to call my boyfriend to help me get it out. Eventually, with his help I was able to shift the stem into a position where I could pull it out. Ohhhhh, the PAIN! This has NEVER happened to me in almost five years of cup use and I can't understand it. There isn't a whole lot of space in there as I'm a tiny girl with a low cervix and even intercourse is a challenge sometimes. How on earth did it flip on it's side and get wedged behind what I presume was my pubic bone?!? I've been afraid to put my cup in ever since. I love using cups though but I'd like to understand what happened to avoid having it happen again. I understand that our bodies expand and swell and our cervixes move to accomodate sex. My guess is that because I put the cup in right after sex, my body hadn't readjusted to it's normal state. Maybe once it did a little bit later, it moved the cup into the awkwardly painful position it ended up in. Does this make any sense? Has this happened to anyone else before?