June 16th, 2012

Cup is uncomfortable?

Ok, so after two hours of trying, I finally have my Lunette small cup in. It's fine although this is slight uncomfort in the front of the cervix. I'm not sure if the cup didn't pop all the way or if it's just bc it's my first time in, but if anyone can help that'll be great! I've put my fingers in, and it feels ok, but it still is uncomfortable. I'm 14 years old, and a virgin.

Small cup with more capacity?

This is my first cycle using cups and I am very happy with them. All signs point to my Meluna medium fitting well, except for this 6 hour stretch on my second day when I have a very heavy flow and need to clean it every other hour. I'm willing to admit some of the leaking is probably part of my inexperience, but it's annoying. Usually I wear a pad during this time, but I bought cups wanting to eventually stop using external products.

So I think I need a larger cup for then. The thing is, I'm 23, exercise regularly, and have not been pregnant. I know cups can be too big, at least length wise, but can they actually be too wide? I'm about 55 mm to the very back.

I also wanted to buy a silicone cup, since I know the cheaper ones can work for me. I'm considering the large Si-Bell or Fleurcup, but I don't want to risk it being too big. I'm wanting as close to a 30 ml capacity I can get without breaking myself.