May 28th, 2012


Hydrogen Peroxide Prices

Last week, many list members replied that they dilute the hydrogen peroxide they use to clean their cups simply because it is so (as one reply put it) "insanely expensive."  WOW!  Really???  Just how "insanely expensive" is it?

Here in the US, the peroxide that we can get from the first aid aisle of nearly every store is 3% in strength and usually costs between one and two US-dollars for a quart (about a liter) bottle.  Readily available and quite inexpensive!

How much does it cost on your side of the world?
  • lw42

First time user Mooncup difficulties

Hello all,

I know there have been many posts about first time cup users... Let me just say I love the idea of the cup already but I'm experiencing difficulties with insertion. I am going to persevere and try squatting - initially I have tried standing with one foot on the toilet as this is how I insert tampons. This didn't work, it went in a little but then popped open which hurt and was uncomfortable. I am also going to get some water based lubricant.

I have also tried the 'C' position which was too wide, the 7 which was easier but still not successfull. When I try again I think I will try the pushdown (?) or origami..

I was wondering though whether a Meluna would be better? I went for the Mooncup on the spur of the moment when I went to buy tampons and have found it quite stiff. I have read that the Meluna is softer and hopefully therefore easier to insert?

FYI I am 29, no children, sexually active.

thanks in advance for any advice. Lx

First Time with Diva Cup

So I just inserted the Diva Cup for the first time.

Anyhow, I read the directions over and over again. Felt like I had the idea and process down. Execution is always harder.

Before I go further, let me clarify that I do Keigel exercises A LOT. It is the only exercise I do faithfully. (Long story.)

Apparently, my coochie muscles rock.  Mad Skillz.   

My vagina pretty much sucked the cup UP, UP, UP....and OUT OF REACH.

I can touch the stim if I insert one finger. I have no idea if it opened correctly because I wasn't able to turn it the way the directions recommend.

I cannot feel the cup when I perform a Keigel so I think it may be in there correctly...but the directions say that if it is hard to reach and remove, chances are you didn't insert correctly.

I haven't had leaking yet so that is a good sign....

33 years old.  3 kids via c-section.