May 25th, 2012

Flyers in bathroom stalls.

I'm 16 and a sophomore in high school. I have a Divacup and love it, so I wanted to share how great of a product this is and to spread the word that there's more than just tampons and pads. I looked in the flyers section here and found these really awesome, youthful flyers that might spark some teenagers interest:

So a few weeks ago I printed some out and taped about 10 of them on the inside of some of the bathroom stalls ( So when your sitting on the toilet you can read it because it's taped on the door.) Every once and a while I would tape a few up. Then yesterday I put 6 up on different floors. So far I hadn't heard anyone talking about them. Then today I was in class and I heard two of my friends talking.
Girl #1: Did you see those flyers for those things in the bathroom.
Girl #2: Yeah ... menstrual cups?
Girl #1: Yeah, I just threw it away.
Girl #2: Good, that doesn't belong here.

At first it bummed me out. It doesn't belong here? It's sad that people can't talk about menstruation without feeling that there's something inappropriate about it. I just had to remind myself that I was grossed out at first too and I never did any research because I wasn't interested. Then a little later I started researching because I got curious, and that's the point of posting these flyers. I want other menstruating person's to at least know what menstrual cups are and that they DO have options.

I just wanted to share.:)

Success! Woohoo!

So, I came here a while back wondering what this whole cup business was about, analyzing brands, tra la la. I ordered a small Lunette Selene a couple weeks ago after Paypal failed to allow me to purchase a Fleurcup, and I honestly couldn't be happier.

My cervix is somewhat low, and my flow isn't super heavy, so this cup is a dream in my eyes. It is the perfect balance of softness and firmness for me. All I had to do to ease comfort was cut off half the stem, but that was no problem. It's only the first day of my first cycle with it, and I can't even feel it when it's in. I have been using the C fold, which has yet to give me issues. I am genuinely surprised that I found something so perfect on the first try! I originally was drawn to the idea of cups because I hated looking at all the waste I would accumulate after a week of bleeding into disposables, and tampons dried me out/only worked half the time due to me fudging up their position. I bought a few cloth pads, but I always ended up somehow bleeding off to the side where the fabric wasn't as thick. As you can imagine, I have made quite a mess in my adventures. I went through peroxide like there was no tomorrow. Not anymore, though!

I guess my point is that I am ecstatic about this wonderful little silicone contraption, and thanks to this community, I figured out what was right for me personally. Keep on being awesome. Your helpfulness is unbelievable!  :)

Big Lunette or big Diva?

Hello, I've just discovered this community and I already find it amazing. It's great to see a place where women can talk about their menstruations without feeling ashamed.

I've just started to use menstrual cups after years of researches on the subject (I needed to leave my parents' home for good to buy one since my mother is against menstrual cups though she doesn't understand a thing about them). I have a small Lunette and it's great, I had absolutely no leakage, no problem, it's thick enough and firm/soft enough for me. However, I am currently at home unemployed (and a student who barely has any classes to attend) so it's quite easy to empty it when I feel the need to.

Next year will be a bit different though, I'll have to work a lot more and will probably have fewer access to a bathroom and I'm afraid I might get leakage on my heavy flow days. I have a relatively light flow, but better safe than sorry.

I was wondering which cup I should get and thought about a big Divacup because it's apparently about as soft as the small Lunette (however, I really like the blue Lunette). I've been looking at Meluna as well but it seems that I should get a Meluna L if I ever wanted one.

I'm 22, a virgin so naturally, I had no children. The small Luna fits well, I feel no pain inserting it or removing it from vagina (though sometimes it's a bit trickier, but I've noticed that what I think may be my hymen has been torn and seems to be thicker somedays, plus I don't really care about the pain).

The Lunette is about 4cm wide, which is relatively small. The big Lunette and the Diva are only 5 or 6mm bigger, while it does make a difference, I don't think it'll be so bad that I can't use it... I've read many virgins, even younger than I, who were wearing bigger cups than the small Lunette.

When I use the small Lunette, it doesn't move or anything but I think I could fit something bigger without feeling any discomfort since I can put my fingers around the edges of the cup when I remove it.

What I can't tell is where my cervix might be. I can't seem to touch it with my middle finger (about 3inches long I guess) and even with tampons I never hit it so I assume I don't have a small vagina at least so small cups may not be a good idea and long cups could probably work.

Any advice?


Septate hymen and menstrual cups!

Hi! I am a 16 year old virgin, and I just figured I have a septate hymen (separated in two "holes"). I just bought a LadyCup, size small, and I haven't tried it yet. I'm really scared it will be very painful if I insert the LadyCup, and even more scared I won't get it out! 

I can't get two fingers inside my hymen (can get one in) but my friend, who also have a septate hymen, can get two fingers inside. She says that before she couldn't either fit two fingers into one of the holes, but she did a little stretching, and now she can almost fit three fingers inside. 
Is the septate hymen going to be a problem for any of us? I can use a tampon, but sometimes it's a little hard to get out, because of the hymen "string" in the middle, Is that going to be a problem when using a LadyCup? Is it possible to break this hymen, just like other types of hymens, without surgery or sex? (or at least expand one of the holes?)

I really hope someone can help me, both me and my friend are getting a little nervous about this :P