May 14th, 2012

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Finding my cup, part 2

So I finally found my cervix! It's reaaaally far and took a lot of reaching to access it.

With that knowledge: do you have any recommendations regarding cups? My first instinct is to go with the Diva Cup, but I don't want to overlook any other (and possibly better) options simply because the Diva Cup is so well known.

Necessary info: I have a very heavy flow (I usually use Super or Super Plus tampons for majority of my period, and my period lasts 6-7 days), I'm 22 (23 in July), I've never had penetrative sex, and I've never been pregnant (and I don't want to ever be pregnant).

(ETA: and yes, I've consulted sizecharts, but people's opinions are always important as well ^_^)
Chris :)

A big thank you!

I am happy to report a success story! I have just finished my first period with my menstrual cup, and I am HOOKED!

I went through size charts, I scratched my head, and like so many of us I didn't really know where to begin. I decided to go middle of the road - middle height, middle width, and see how it worked. I thought as long as I had *A* cup I could figure out what worked, and what didn't, and go from there if my initial choice just wasn't a good fit. I ended up getting a Model 1 Miacup (which I haven't really seen promoted by the users here, and wondered if there was a reason, or there were just other brands people used more/were comfortable with?).

I emptied it at least twice a day. On my heaviest day, it was half full, so I think the size is good :) I can't feel it inside, and it doesn't migrate in too deeply (I can reach the base after only a little bearing down, and squeeze between two fingers to break the seal). I did have some leaking the first real day of my period, when I first woke up - but I believe that was due to the cup not opening all the way, and therefore the seal wasn't created. I was able to empty in public restrooms no problems! \o/

But it's not perfect. I still find sometimes I have to insert it a couple times before I can get it to fully open inside. I seem to have better luck when I don't fold all of it over, and leave a pocket of air in the base to help it pop open? If anyone has any suggestions on something that might work better (as this did not work 100% of the time) it would be much appreciated!!

I wanted to thank this community, and especially those who are also members of vaginapagina as without you I would never have discovered cups!!! I couldn't stand having diapers (pads) on, and was never comfortable with having bleach-filled tampons in all the time, but couldn't find a better alternative! And now I never have to worry about having enough tampons on me to survive a day :D