May 12th, 2012

Success Story -- Thank you!

Bio-details: 30, nulliparous, IUD.

So I've been lurking here, combing over the FAQ and the posts archive and the incredibly comprehensive size and firmness charts for a while. I first heard about cups a few years ago, but didn't really think they were for me, because the possibility of dealing with it in a public restroom seemed too inconvenient to outweigh the benefits. But then I got an IUD, and suddenly tampons just made me feel... itchy. Or like I was developing a UTI. And I couldn't deal with them anymore. Collapse )This is the first cup I've tried, and I've had no leaking, no discomfort (other than my IUD strings, which have a sort of bend in them from being tucked behind my cervix most of the time, occasionally reaching out and poking me, which is easily correctible), and no mishaps. If I've found goldilocks on the first try, it's only because there was such a wealth of information here for me to read-- and that's why I wanted to contribute. More people may post about having trouble than not having trouble, so I wanted to make sure I made my contribution to the pile of anecdotes about people who had no troubles at all! And also, I wanted to say thank you to all the people who have posted before about their experiences-- it made it that much easier for me to try. You guys are awesome!

Help the confused newbie!

I am looking to buy a cup and have been researching for quite some time, but I am just confused by all these stats and what they necessarily mean to me.

I have been using Insteads for years and they were a miracle to me. While I love what they do, I hate them. So I am looking to get a different type of cup that fits me.

For my stats: I am 26, sexually active, with no kids. I have a fairly small vagina. I can reach the back (beyond my cervix) with my middle finger (although I have long fingers) which is about 8cm. My cervix sits fairly low during menstruation where I only have a bit of clearing for the Instead rim to fit underneath to go around my cervix. My cervix is probably 5cm from my vaginal opening. My vagina is narrow in that I can only fit 2 fingers in there with some discomfort. To give you an idea (if you've ever used one), the Instead cup fills up my entire vagina and I can pop it out easily by bearing down just a tiny bit. I am currently using the Nuvaring, but that may or may not last long. My periods are very heavy for 3-4 days. After that, they are pretty light for another 2-3 days.

Starting to use the Nuvaring was my last straw for using Insteads. I don't have any room to fit another object in there and the entirely soft lining would envelope the Nuvaring to where I think it was ineffective. I hate that Insteads leak a lot, but they were a good introduction into the world of menstrual cups as tampons and pads made my life a nightmare for many years.

I am looking for a cup that will fit better than Instead and that has a medium to high capacity. I have no idea what squishiness factor I need, but I assume somewhere in the middle will be best.

Can anyone recommend cup brands based off all that? Like I said, I have been researching but I feel lost with all this info and don't know where to start. Any advice or suggestions would be great!

tea tree oil smell

So I guess I used my menstrual cup last cycle too soon after using tea tree oil to treat a yeast infection and now there's a faint tea tree oil scent to my cup. Is there any way I can get it to go away? Thanks :)

(no subject)

Hi everyone, I have a quick question. My daughter is 11 yrs old and all signs point to her getting her first cycle within the next year. I would like to start her off using a cup, which I have discussed with my GYN, and we both agree that it would be okay. So, I guess what I am asking is which cup is best for a young girl? I use a keeper moon cup, and love it, but I am afraid it may be too rigid for her. Would love any input.