May 9th, 2012

What the heck happened?

This happened about last month, and I'm still very curious as to why it happened as it was something I had never experienced before. 
I have used tampons, I have used pads, and I had finally gotten around to owning a menstrual cup -- that is, the size 1 DivaCup (smallest DC size). I am fifteen and -- of course -- a virgin, and before this menstrual cup mishap, the only thing that had been inserted into my vagina were tampons, and that's strictly it. 

I was rather surprised by the size of the cup. I live in Canada so this is the only cup sold around here, therefore I had no options to buy other cups (I'm looking into buying them online after this, though). But it looked very, very huge for being a "smaller size" (yes, it was definitely size 1). I had read a lot about them and had done "research" beforehand on cups, and I made sure to read the directions fully before going for the kill. 

After weeks of putting it off, I finally forced my squeem-ish self to use my finger, and I had gone about 3/4 of my index finger without much problems at all after numerous attempts. After this I tried tampons for the first time, and they slowly became easier to insert (I have a difficult time using a finger of mine to insert in my vagina, but anything that is not a part of my body is easier and less hard for me to insert). This went on for a few months. 

Then I felt I was ready -- I wasn't scared much anymore since I was used to tampon/finger insertion by then. So I tried, and tried, and tried, and I just couldn't get it in! I tried so many folds and positions I couldn't keep count. Then one day, when I was pretty heavy on my period, I used the 7-fold again while sitting on the toilet with a leg up on the bathtub (most comfy for me) and it actually went in so far that only the base was left for me to insert. I had put it under water a few times so it wouldn't be so dry going in. Then I pushed the bit of the stem so I couldn't see it anymore (making sure I didn't put it over a half inch in like the directions said, and I can assure you I didn't put it much farther), but boy, was I wrong. 

A second after I let go I had stinging, burning sensations and it felt as if the cup had razorblades along the edges and was expanding into a balloon. I was ready to shriek, so I quickly went in and grabbed it, and squeezed the base (because I heard that it breaks the suction, right?) and MY GOD, it felt as if every organ in my body was being sucked out from my vagina, along with the stinging and burning feelings growing more and more excruciatingly painful! I don't think I even broke the suction!! I had every force in my body not to scream in terror. I was so convinced that my uterus was going be ripped off, and that SUCKING feeling became more painful the more I tried to take it out. It wouldn't come out at first, because the cup was a little too big, and the feeling had even moved to around my anus. I really, truly did think I was going to die or end up with bits of my uterus/organs in the cup. While it was "in", I felt it in, just sitting there, but I knew not to put the cup too low/high but it felt *nothing* like what it would if I would insert a tampon the same way. 

So FINALLY, I pulled it out, breathless, (*cringe*) and felt as if my whole waist area (vagina, anus, everything in between, under and above) had been hacked with a tiny chainsaw via vaginal insertion, along with extreme stinging and burning. That must have been the most painful thing I had ever experienced in my life. 

Well, less than a half hour later, the pain thankfully subsided and I had no visible (or just internal) pain or changes in defecating, urinating or menstrual bleeding. I had no pain or any abnormalities after that event and haven't noticed anything since... but jeez, was that ODD! And not to mention traumatizing! I can't look at my cup anymore without thinking of that specific event... and I haven't touched it since! 

Really, though, I want to know how and why this happened. I did notice myself moving the cup more to the left than straight in, as well as my very weak and somewhat "slippery" gripping of my cup. I think I may have let go way before fully inserting the cup. I don't want this to happen again, so I'd appreciate any advice you could give me since I clearly did not do things the right way regarding insertion (and I suppose removal, too...). Please feel free to condescend my awful knowledge on this as it is most definitely ABNORMAL to have something like this happen (unless anyone else here has experienced this before? Let's hope not... that was petrifying). 

question about soap

Hi there everyone!

I am about to try my Lunette Selene for the first time this week :)  Before I use it however does anyone have any boiling tips?  What kind of soap do you all use to wash your cups with?  I cannot find any liquid unscented hand soap.  Walmarts don't seem to have them (or I could just be missing them).  I DO have unscented dove bar soap, but I wanted to check with what everyone else does first.

I'll be sure to post how it goes :) I'm kind of nervous and have been trying to convince my mother that it's safe.  She's not 100% sold on the idea.  Hopefully it goes well :)  

Thank you!

Recommend me cups that fit my description?

Hello again! I believe I just asked a question last night, but this time I want to get opinions from this whole community rather than asking a couple of people at a time. So I'm looking to buy a new menstrual cup -- I've already had experience with the small DivaCup and after quite a few tries it did not go so well. 

I'm fifteen and I have a rather small build (so smaller cups are probably more useful for me) and I am a virgin who does not have much experience with having anything inside of my vagina. The DivaCup had much, much too strong of a suction for me and it was also too big for me, unfortunately. I have a rather heavy flow, and you can tell me if my cervix is high or low: I'm on my period, and just about my whole index finger can go in until I can feel it.
I also have a hard time holding onto the folds of my Diva as the cup is rather stiff / firm. 
So I'm typically looking for a cup that has a weaker suction than the Diva, is smaller but can accommodate my heavy flow for at least a decent amount of time, and is softer. (Sounds like I'm looking for a perfect cup, but anything that's not as big and strong-suctioned as the Diva may be suitable...)

I heard the Lunette is good for people like me as well as the MeLuna, but I also heard some controversy over the suction and size of the UK Mooncup... anyone who is similar to me, or has in the past had a cup that could be good for someone like myself who can give me recommendations would be absolutely fantastic. Thanks in advance and I'm very excited to see the possible suggestions as I know there are many cups out there!