May 8th, 2012

A few issues...

After using the Mooncup UK for around half a year now, I can clearly say I'm happy with it- yet I think there are some flaws that I thought someone could help me out with.

Firstly, recently it seems that I'm having to wear pads along with the cup anyway; I don't know if this is purely down to because it's the heaviest days of my period? Bearing in mind that I go to school still, I try to only go to empty it once a day- I just put up with the pad because I don't like to waste them. I was thinking that maybe I might need a bigger cup, the only problem is that living in the Uk means ordering on the net and I'm only 16. Then again, if you feel that this is probably the problem then maybe some suggestions for me?

Also, I find that despite how confident I am with using the cup, I can't seem to use it quick or effective enough in public loos or round other people's houses; I take heck knows long trying to do everything at once and then worry so much that I'll get blood all over the place. Rather embarrassing really. This is going to sound gross, sorry! But, I've noticed that when I take the cup out the blood is sometimes 'string-like' and I literally sit there and have to wait until it 'falls down'- I mean trying to hold onto the cup, stopping any blood getting on the floor or my clothes and having to do that as well is just damn difficult. Anyone got any advice for me?


Oh my god..I'm overwhelmed and can't commit. Please help!

I have a tough time nailing down a purchasing decisions without doing a bunch of research but my research into cups has landed me in LALAnoncommittalLand. I am so confused at this point with all the numbers and lengths and softness and flow charts. So I just need some noodling this out help. I know there's a zillion posts like this and I am just hopeful you won't mind another one.

So! Let's get down to it.

I'm 32, no kids and have a flow like a wounded animal running for it's life. I have no idea why, but it torments me. First day, eh, it's okay...second and third day I might as well plop my booty on the toilet and wait it out. Then for the last 3-4 days it kinda comes and goes. My cervix is about 3 inches up when I'm not bleeding to death but when I went feeling around for it during my Tidal Wave I couldn't find that little nub, just angry squish. So I really have no idea where it goes when Aunt Flow is visiting. The heavy days can lead me through 3-5 super tampons and it's a plain ol' mess. I just can't deal with tampons anymore..they are starting to hurt and I'm just over it. 

I'm not too wussy when it comes to pain but I haven't been enthused about the complaints the harder cups have, but the softer cups don't seem to seal according to others. I just don't want to pick one that's too soft and find myself pouring red wine all over my pants to try and hide the fact that I flowed over nor do I want to walk like I was just riding a horse for 12 hours straight and crying. 

For a while I was pondering the Large Diva but I think I just need someone to go "You know! That sounds like a fine decision." Any nudging would be greatly appreciated so I can finally make up my mind!

Thank you!
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Another "what should I buy?" post

You probably get a bajillion of these, so I apologize in advance. I just want to make sure I'm making the right decision since it's a big money investment. :)

I'm pretty sure it was fate that I ran out of both pads AND tampons on the last day of my last period, which was Earth Day! Clearly some people up above are conspiring to finally get a menstrual cup in me ;)

I'm 22 (I'll be 23 in July). I'm 5'4" and 140 lbs, so I'm sort of tiny? I've never had penetrative sex and I've never been pregnant. I'm gay, and I don't want kids, so there's no chance of pregnancy in the future, either.

I generally use super or super plus tampons during my period.

So, community members, depart unto me your wisdom: which cup should I buy? I'd like to buy a cup before my next period, so ideally in the next few days. :)

(there should be some sort of generator thing where you put in all of this information and it spits out your options....)