May 5th, 2012

Pain when coughing or sneezing..

I got my Moon Cup (size B) today, and immediately started using it since i am at the end of my period. I have had no issues at all. Insertion and removal have gone smoothly, and with no leaks! The only small issue that I am having is that my allergies are on the rampage and I am sneezing a couple times every few hours. When I sneeze I am experiencing pain, only for about 15 or 20 seconds. It's not bad enough to scare me off or anything, but it does hurt. 

Does anyone have any advice on how to ease this pain a bit, or how to prevent it all together?

Virgin/bleeding problems

So, I tried using my size 1 Diva cup for the first time yesterday, ouch. I tried multiple times using the c-fold method and could not get it in! I stopped when I felt intense pain and started bleeding. I'm assuming that I broke my hymen, not a big deal. I used a mirror and it looked a little jagged down there. A few hours later I tried again using the punchdown method, got a whole lot closer! Even though there wasn't a lot of pain, the bleeding started again and wouldn't stop. I started my period today and towards the end of the day I used a slim tampon, no pain, but when it came out I started bleeding, yet again. I'm positive it wasn't menstrual blood, too thin and bright. Basically my question, is this much bleeding normal? Also, while I was investigating down there I realized just how small the hole I'm trying to shove this thing in is! I don't know if my cervix is just super low or something, because there just doesn't seem to be enough room. But I now remember it's a tight squeeze for me to use a "super" absorbency tampon. But if I'm going to eventually push a tiny human out surely there must be a way to use a stupid cup! I'm strongly considering trying Ladycup instead, it's quite a bit shorter and softer I've read. Suggestions??

My first cycle...

So, I bought a diva cup on a whim. I've been using cloth pads for about a year and decided I wanted to try this out. I'm essentially done with my period and wanted to compare my experience with other people, and of course ask some questions.
Firstly, the good stuff: I had basically no learning curve for getting in, out, and sealed. It was weird the first time but I adjusted fast. I had zero leaks despite my intense paranoia for the first day. Also, I had pretty much no cramps. I'm not sure I can convey how wonderful that was. I am a person who usually has to avoid making plans for the first two days of my periods because my cramps are so severe. I feel like even with the issues I had I would continue using it just for that reason. Of course, my period was a little off because I just came home from college, and finals week usually alters my cycle a bit, but still... it was pretty impressive.
BUT: I have a couple issues/ questions about it. Firstly, my vagina basically eats the cup. I insert it so that the tip is sticking out, and later it will be way up there. This makes it a little labor intensive to remove. I was just wondering if anyone else experiences this, or if it's normal? I did research before and while I was using it and I got the impression that this typically doesn't happen.
Also, all was fine and dandy, but the fourth day of my period, I was sore. Like really sore. I'm a virgin, and also, I'm using the cup a lot like a tampon in that unless I'm sleeping I'm removing and cleaning it every five-six hours or so. I don't know if either of those things would make a major difference. I really want to be able to wear it for the whole five days, but by midday today I was getting pretty sore, and by evening I just decided to give the thing a rest. Did this happen to anyone else the first time they used it?
Other than these two things, I loved the product, it was almost like not even having my period because it worked so well.