April 29th, 2012

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Learning Curve

I bought a medium MeLuna as a back up cup (to my small Lunette). I waited til midway through my period - when it gets lighter - to do some runs with the MeLuna. First run (last night) was perfect and clear. I even used it overnight without any problems.

I used it today. There weren't any problems, per se. I was able to run around doing errands in the city all day without any accidents (thank everything). However when I came back tonight and removed it, the MeLuna clearly hadn't popped all way out and formed a seal. In fact it seemed only about half popped from the c-fold - it was mostly still folded, even after removal.

I did all the standard things I do with my Lunette (spinning it around, doing Kegals, pushing it up and down) and I'm a little weirded out that it stayed folded. My Lunette never did - it was the sudden feeling of it forming a seal while I was doing other things that taught me making a seal first is key.

Any suggestions on getting to be better friends with my MeLuna?

(Plus sides: I am in love with the blue color. Peeing is way easier. And it's blue.)