April 22nd, 2012

blacked out after taking cup out for the first time

Alright so I went to take my menstrual cup out last night before bed to empty it(first time doing so). It took my awhile to get it out since I am rather small down there, and still a virgin. And anyways it hurt pretty badly when I was taking it out, I tried my best to relax and everything, but it still hurt. After I got it out, I suddenly felt really sick, and had to sit down. I noticed I hadn't started my period yet, but there was a tiny bit of blood on the cup(not from my period since I still haven't started) I was a little confused, and still feeling ill, and then started to clean the cup, feeling very dizzy. After I cleaned the cup I started to try to walk into my bedroom. On my way to my bedroom my vision just started to go black. Like I couldn't see at all. I wasn't really scared that much, but felt like crap and couldn't feel where my bed was. (In the end I had to close my eyes for a couple seconds while standing, and yell at myself really loudly to get my vision back to normal. No idea why that worked, but it scared the crap out of my dogs) Anyways after that, I laid in bed for a few minutes waiting for the sick feeling to go away.(I also felt extremely hot, so I just kind of took all my clothes off) Then I drank some water, and just slept..
I don't really know why this all happened, like why my body did what it did. I also still haven't started my period yet. Though I had a pad on last night just in case( teeny bit of blood on it but not from my period) It isn't likely but is it possible my hymen was still in tact, and I broke it while taking the cup out? But if that is the case then why would I black out so badly?
Sorry for the long question, I am just a little uneasy. I do plan on trying the cup out again, but not until I get some answers. Oh and if means anything I am 18.
Oh and the cup I have is the lunette diana

New User-- Need HELP!!


So, I purchased my first menstrual cup over a year ago, but did not need it previously because breastfeeding kept me from menstruating. I have a Diva Cup 2. I am 36 and have had 3 children-- all via C-section.

I realize now that I should have run a dry test with it first before I attempted to use it. I was able to get it inserted but it was extremely uncomfortable. I was able to leave it in for about 2 hours with no leaking, but it felt full then, so I went to remove it. I had a very hard time removing it. I even enlisted my husband to help, and he was unable to get it out either. Finally, I just pushed it out by bearing down (childbirth classes FINALLY came in handy, I guess).

I have a few questions.

First, I realize now that it should not be uncomfortable when it is in. I am thinking I have a cup that is too long. I know that I have a VERY short cervix, but I am not sure that effects things??

Second, I have had 2 LEEP procedures many, many years ago, which (as I said above) left my cervix extremely short. Does this mean I should have a really short cup? Is the length of the vagina the only factor for fit? My OB/GYN has commented on the shortness of my cervix, and has said it is extremely short.

Finally, is there a cup that is easier to remove-- perhaps one that has a ring or string to remove it? I am not sure I can remove it through a normal method, which makes me very nervous to use it again.

Thanks for this website! It is showing me that there are many other options, and perhaps I just have the wrong cup for me.

Bubbles? Leaking problem? Losing Suction?

Hey everyone,
So I have a cold right now, and have been sneezing a lot. I notice after I sneeze I'll start feeling bubbles, like my cup is losing suction and about to leak. This has happened to me when I get out of bed sometimes, then I have to run to the bathroom before it starts dripping down my leg. I haven't had a leak from sneezing, but I'm worried about the possibility. My cup usually suctions to my cervix, so I feel like it might be losing suction off of my cervix when I feel the bubbles. What causes this feeling of bubbles? Is there any solution from it losing suction when I get out of bed? Is there a way to keegle it back into suction or to keep it from leaking? when I feel the bubbles? Has anyone else ver had this problem even if it wasn't caused by sneezing, just the bubble feeling?

Thanks everyone! If you need to know, I have a small Divacup, and my cervix is relatively high.

a success story!

Hello!! I posted in here about two months ago when I was trying my Mooncup UK for my first cycle and having a horrible experience. After several experinces with trying to remove my cup and then sitting on the toilet crying for 45 minutes, I can now say I no longer have this issue! So to anyone else having trouble on your first or second cycle - relax, stick with it, it DOES get better! This was the second cycle I tried it and it took only a fraction of the time to take it out, it wasn't painful to remove and it didn't leak. No idea what I did differently, but maybe it just took time to get used to it. Regardless, I am so much happier with it now, and so glad I don't have to use tampons anymore.

One thing I do wonder though - when I'm taking it out, in order to get it low enough to grab the base, I tug on the stem quite a bit and I have this irrational fear that the stem will rip off at some point. Has anyone ever had the problem of the stem accidentally coming off? Or is this just me being worried unnecessarily?