April 19th, 2012

Natural Mamma

Hey, everyone.  I recently ordered a Natural Mamma menstrual cup (from FeminineWear in the UK, and it arrived at my home in the US in just barely over a week!) and thought I would share about it since there doesn't seem to be much info about it here yet.
Pictures after the cut.  They include comparisons with the large Fleurcup, since I have one of those already.  The Natural Mamma only comes in one size.

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Too many options!

I have been researching cups for about a week now and I am very interested in trying them out. The only problem is, it seems there are very very many types and brands out there. How can I know which is right for me?
I know one way I can narrow down is by measuring myself. I understand how to figure out how high the cervix is, but how do I know if I need a wide or narrow cup, big or small air holes, flat or round stem, etc.?
I think the Lunette size 2 would work well for me, but is there anything similar that is a little less pricey? 
Thank you for all the help, and sorry about all the questions :)