April 9th, 2012

Various practical issues. :S

I've been using my (small) ladycup since... what... November? I adore it. However, I would really appreciate some advice!

At the moment the capacity on my ladycup is OK, but in a few months time I'll be starting school and I'd like to go a whole day without needing to empty the cup. (or at least be able to last until lunch break!)
I got the ladycup and, I'm a little ashamed to say this, I was one of those people who thought "I want something small because I'm not used to stuff like that and I'm sure it'll be uncomfortable" before buying. The stem is about 1cm long, and at this length, the stem sits right at the entrance of the vagina. (not really in and not really out) I'm not sure whether to get a longer cup and just cut the stem off completely, but I'm a little worried it'll be too long for me and will just be uncomfortable. As I cannot feel the cup when it's in at all, I don't know whether I could opt for a larger rim size too. I'm a 14 year old virgin, just in case that that changes an awful lot.

My other issue is cleaning. Are there any easy to get hold of, cup friendly wet wipes I can get and are recommended? (preferably not ones made by the cup makers because of the time it takes to ship to the UK and the money they charge)

Thank you for reading my very long post. ^_^;; (hopefully someone will understand what I'm babbling on about!)
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Class project...

Hi all,

I'm a undergraduate anthropology student at Georgia State University and a huge fan of this site. I'm doing a short class project on alternative health systems, etiologies, and practices and I'd like to include some of your word and/or opinions if that's all right with you. I'm really fascinated by this community and how it contributes to menstrual cup usage and alternative approaches to understanding menstruation.

If you're interested in discussing, here are some of my questions: 

How did you find out about menstrual cups, and what was your initial reaction? What motivated you most to try using one?

Do you relate using a menstrual cup to another alternative lifestyle practice, such as environmental sustainability or alternative conceptions of women's health and fertility (for instance midwifery)?

Has using a cup changed your conception of menstruation, whether just learning about yourself/your body, or menstruation as a biological occurrence, or how menstruation is conceptualized in our/your culture?

Have you promoted or suggested menstrual cups to family or friends since beginning to use one?

Obviously this will be anonymous! I will not mention the name of website or the community in the project or anyone's usernames especially. Participation is voluntary, and feel free to PM me if you don't want to post publicly. Write as much or as little as you like. If you have anything to add or critique, please do. I am open and eager to all opinions, viewpoints and considerations.

Thanks so much everybody! I look forward to responses!

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Divacup leaks when I'm sitting & at night

I am brand new to all things livejournal, so forgive me if this ends up completely in the wrong spot... :/

I've been using a Divacup since November.  I ordered it on a whim when tampons I had flushed ended up clogging the sewer line, which resulted in a not too happy landlord.  Point being, I didn't really research brands/sizes/etc of cups before ordering the Diva (it was about the only one I had really heard of in the US).  I am 25, sexually active, no kids, and have the smaller size. 

I don't have any trouble inserting it or anything, but I find that it often leaks when I'm sitting down or at night.  I'll take it out only to find that there's hardly anything in it (maybe 1/3 full).  I can feel that my cervix is centered over the cup, so I know that isn't my problem.  I wonder if my cervix is just taking up too much room in the cup?  Or is the cup too soft and getting a little bent when I'm sitting (driving, etc), or sleeping?  (My mom has said she was told she has a tilted uterus, so I suppose I may too, but I have no idea if so and if that would have any effect).

I'm kind of shopping around for a new cup now, but I'm not quite sure what to look for.  I have a somewhat heavy flow, so I was kind of thinking a large Lunette or large Meluna (I admit to being a sucker for the colors)... But I don't know if my problem is that I need a bigger cup, a stiffer cup, a shorter cup, etc.  I've browsed around looking for similar posts and find that the common causes are ones I've already kind of ruled out (cervix out of the cup, cup not opening, etc).  Sooo, anyone have any thoughts or suggestions as to why I'm having the leaking issue?  Or opinions on what cup might work better for me?

Why didn't I find this sooner!?!

I've been lurking in this community ever since I first heard about cups.  ( this also my first LJ posting woohoo) Having always had period problems - you know irregular periods, extreme cramping, heavy flow the whole nine yards-  I'd figured I would just have to suffer through things like leaks, pad rash, pads not "Fitting" well since I am plus sized, tampons that I didn't trust, plus the expense of disposables and their effect on the enviroment. Things got even worse when my living situation changed and I had to deal with a grandparent going through my bathroom garbage can.. I'd never been yelled at for bagging up my feminine products and such before and I kind of felt like my privacy had been violated.. plus eewwwww....

Anyway.. I lurked here for a few months did some research and ordered a large Lunette Selene..

My cup has been one of the best investments in my life so far. No leaks, no smell, no waste, and no embarrassing moments when it comes to my garbage can! I love how it can go into it's pretty blue bag and live in my purse close to my cycle starting that way it is there when I need it! Also, it is so nice to be able to go to a friend's house or to the BF's house and not put disposables in the garbage or have to "Baggie" them up. As it is I may have converted a friend of mine to the ways of the cup simply based on the fact that it is good for the enviroment and does not burn a hole in her wallet.

Thank you so much for giving me the information I needed to make the switch. I can now say that I do have a "Happy" period

Cloth Pads as Cup Backup

Hi MCers :)

Cloth pads and liners are excellent backup to menstrual cups when in the dreaded learning-curve! Who wants to wear a sticky/sweaty disposable with a cup?! Kind of defeats the purpose, right?

How many of you wear cloth liners/pads already? Out of curiosity, which did you discover first: cloth pads/liners or menstrual cups?

I came across both around the same time. I had seen the DivaCup in WholeFoods but wasn't sure what it was all about until discovering this community and the cloth pad community last year when doing a Google search for cloth diapers (my friend was planning on cloth diapering her baby). I'm still a little pissed off that I didn't know of them sooner :(

Now, I'm in love & completely obsessed with **everything** reusable and uterus related! Haha. I'll never EVER look back :D

Edited: to remove cloth pad sale info

Ordered my Lunette Selene :) but need help for second cup choice?

I wanted to tell everyone that I ordered my Lunette Selene the other day!  I'm excited to get it and hope that it arrives before my lovely gift decides to visit this week!

I'm debating on which cup to choose for a second cup though?  I'm going between MeLuna Classic (I want a clear cup) and the Fleurcup.  I heard MeLuna is a bit wider and that Fleurcup is more narrow shaped and with me being a virgin, I thought that would be better, but I like how "soft" apparently MeLuna is. 

Any suggestions?