April 2nd, 2012

in love with a little cup

I'm nearly 32 and on my third period since I had mirena removed. I had Mirena for the full five years and did not have a period nearly the entire time. So I really saved on tampons. When my menses started again I was like an 11yr old all over again! How does this go in here? Panic spread over me as I had to undress and squat and maneuver that bleached applicator of doom! I was worried I'd never be able to leave the house!  I was in whole foods so I picked up the diva cup 2. I'm going to be 32 in june and I had a stillborn in 2006 so I figured a 2 was the best bet. Terribly excited to get home, I dashed up the stairs and started practicing folds and washing my hands. I never managed to get it in that cycle. Amazingly enough that was the last day of my menses that cycle. So, I tossed the cup in my suitcase for my trip because I knew I would start my cycle before I got home. I got it in on the first try! I wanted to shout from the rooftops! I texted friends and posted on Facebook! I'm a convert! I know the diva cup isn't the cup for everyone, but I'm in love with mine. So, in love I sewed two new bags for my cup! My cycle was only three days long and I barely had cramps. I seriously think this is a result of the cup? Maybe. 

For everyone out there who has had a bad dry run or a tough go the first cycle, keep trying it is one of the best things to ever happen to your cycle! 
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Safety of Cup Materials (TPE/Silicone/etc)

Hello community,

Heres the deal. I'm watching a documentary about plastics... it details how only the specific plastic manufacturers know what exactly is in their raw products, that the companies eventually using the raw plastics to make things are kept in the dark, that questionable materials are likely being used to make plastics, that most plastics have been found to leach all sorts of toxic compounds, that many plastics leach endocrine disruptors, yada yada yada.... THEN I REALIZE THE CUP UP MY VAJAYJAY IS MADE OF PLASTIC, well thermoplastic elastomer at least, and isn't my spare silicone cup held together with plastic polymers?

I know manufacturers of plastics all stand by the safety of their products no matter what, and that companies using plastics do the same, but I don't trust them worth a lick...ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH I stopped using plastic water bottles, plastic food containers, and plastic-lined canned foods ages ago due to personal concerns I had about phthalates and BPA. These concerns turned out to be well founded, as tons of articles are being published about their dangers today.

So what I want to know is: What is in our menstrual cups? What has been done to ensure that toxic endocrine disruptors are not leaching right into our reproductive organs?

If anyone has any literature to site about thermoplastic elastomers, or medical grade silicone (I know it sounds safe, but you never know) or any other materials cup companies will own up to using PLEASE SHARE. If any cup companies themselves are willing to pipe in that would be greatly appreciated as well!