March 24th, 2012


Where to Buy in Australia?


I just moved to the northern part of Western Australia a few months ago, and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for where to buy a new Diva Cup online (where the shipping cost isn't more than 100% the product price.) Or, if another type of cup is more readily available, I could be persuaded to try another style.

Any suggestions appreciated.

moon cup

Hi! I'm a first time user and I've purchased a silicone mooncup size b but it says USA on the brim, so I'm assuming it could be different from the UK version (so I was hoping someone can tell me if there is a difference). So far I don't have many complaints but I am still learning to use it.
I'm posting to ask two questions:
  • If there's a similar cup I can look into buying later that is softer because I can't hold it folded AND insert it deep without feeling like I just broke and twisted my hand and fingers because I tried to prevent it from premature unfold. The upper ring seems too stiff to keep it folded with least pressure while inserting and holding on to the lower part of cup, but I am not sure if a softer cup has some draw backs too. Does it?
  • And, if it could be correct to try to place two fingers just under the base of cup, without squeezing at it, to just nudge it up higher after I've inserted and popped it open? Am I potentially ruining the supposed suction? I just really can't stick it up as high as I'd like to without it surprise-popping open on me. I'm also somewhat unclear about how suction and holes work upon insertion and will probably look into reading about it later here.
That's all I needed advice on so far, and I would also like to know how I should tag this post. Thank you so much!