March 12th, 2012

New cup- less suction? Smaller?

So disaster of all disasters. That time of the month came around again and my little cup friend is nowhere to be found. I missed two cycles and was carrying it around for a while so I think I know when I lost it, still it kills me to have to spend the next week on pads. UGH!!!! I thought I would never have to go back!!

ANYWAY: Now I need to buy a new one. And for my second I dont know if I should get the same one or if I could do better. I had the yuuki small size. It was long, which was perfect. Shorter would not have worked. So I liked it in general, I mean no problems with the fit, But my biggest complaint probably is the suction. The worst part every day would be trying to break that, I mean that HURT, I would do it correctly at the top, so thats not the problem, just maybe the material or the rim size or the whole placement, i dont know what affects how tightly it stays in there. I was wondering if there are any cups which are known to have LESS suction. I never had a problem with it not opening or not making a suction, just always too much. Thank you! BTW, for anyone who is hesitant, get one!!!! Like now. Thanks all.