March 11th, 2012

Diva cup noob

So I got my diva cup (size 2, since i've had a child) the other day and Wednesday was my ring removal day. I have been using the cup with success as far as I can tell, with only one issue. Yesterday morning (Saturday, day 3) I went to take a bath and removed the cup for comfort. (I was having some cramps, so I figured the bath would help.) I crawled back in bed sans cup and when I woke up, I had a bizarre cramping feeling. It was my cervix and it was obviously unhappy. I'm trying to determine if this was possibly caused by the cup. My cervix sits low, like NEVER had any issue finding it, and I just recently changed BC from Mirena to the nuvaRing. My first instinct is to attribute the cramping to having a period again (mirena was wonderful like that!) but then I got to looking into all the positioning diagrams on the cup. I get it in, twist it and it opens fine, but my cervix literally sits inside of it though. Is this ok? All the diagrams I see show it just hanging out inside the vaginal opening nowhere near the cervix so I'm sort of confused. I've not had much discomfort since then, but still want to know if this location is ok. I've read on here the diva cup is notorious for suction, so maybe I just need to get used to it... Any pointers would be exceptionally helpful! Thanks in advance!

My cup experiences - happy + long

I thought I'd share my experiences with cups to give those of you who have hit roadblocks a bit of hope!

Small mooncup UK - far too thick with too stiff a rim, was uncomfortable and made me want to pee all the time

Lunette - same problem with stiffness

Ladycup small - comfortable but too difficult to remove

Divacup - closest I've ever got to a good cup, but uber suction made it uncomfortable for me

Sort of gave up after that and stuck with cloth pads for a while.

Had my 2nd baby 4 months ago, a VBAC. Got my period back very quickly despite BF. Used one tampon, hated it. So decided to have one last ditch attempt at trying a cup.

Looked at a lot of pictures, comparison charts etc. Eventually decided to go for the NaturalMama cup from I chose it because of its capacity, shape, softness and tab like stem. I struck gold, it's very comfortable and for the first time I have a cup that I forget is in!

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