February 20th, 2012

Filing the stem after you've cut it

So, I've read that some people file the stem after cutting it off. How exactly is this done? With a metal nail file? With a wooden one? With sand paper?

I'm also curious if the same thing could be done to the grip rings?

Yes, I know I could just turn my Divacup inside out. For some reason, though, I really don't want to. Also, I'd like the outside to be perfect too...

Also, does anyone find that in cold weather the cup gets...firmer? Or that you notice it more when the weather is below freezing? I was tramping around the woods last weekend, and during that time I felt the cup more than normal. This feeling mostly went away when I got fully warm (which took a while.) It's not that uncomfortable, just that I feel it inside me, right at the entrance to the vagina. (No matter where I move it, this is where it sits.) It felt like it was firmer than usual...

This is important, as I do live in a (very) cold weather climate.

Or, maybe I just need a shorter cup...I really don't know...overall my experience with the Diva has been positive, but I don't know if feeling it sometimes (which is usually not uncomfortable, but sometimes when I walk it will rub the entrance to the vagina a bit. It doesn't stick out enough for me to notice 80% of the time, though, it's hard to describe.) Anyway, I don't know if this is just a getting used to it type thing (sorta like I really felt my contacts in my eyes once I got them and now I don't) or if I should look into getting a new (shorter) cup.

Sorry this is all over the place. I have papers in 2 foreign languages to write, an application to fill out, and I need a nap. Hope it all made sense...
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My Experience

Hi, I've been poking around this group for a few months.  I'm 35yo, NP, have an IUD and am a new Meluna Classic Medium user.  I thought I'd put my info on here in case anyone finds it helpful.  The information here was invaluable to finding a comfy cup, thank you!

With the Mirena IUD I no longer menstruate, just a little spotting, but it causes regular discharge.  No kids and my vaginal muscles are pretty tight so I got a smallish diameter cup for daily use.  The Meluna medium is great: I can't feel it and it's not so small that it leaks.  Normally my cervix is pretty high but lately it's been hanging out further down, and the cup fits either way.

I like the ring stem, it's comfy and easy to grab onto.  I have osteoarthritis so can't use many folds, the C fold works well.  Occasionally it's hard to get the cup to pop open but "jiggling" it up and down or pushing on the fold helps pop it open.  I remove, wash, and reinsert in the shower and find that squatting is my best insertion "pose."