February 19th, 2012

Fleurcup and IUD string length

Hey all, I just ordered my first fleurcup and I'm hoping it will be here before my next cycle.  I had a copper IUD placed a few weeks ago and my cycle is still wonky and heavier than usual (but not terrible).  My strings seem to be pretty darn long.  My dr curled them up around my cervix after she trimmed them and they are still curled up and slightly bent down my wall.  My question is, is it better to have longer strings that are tucked up or to have short strings that kind of just poke out of the cervical opening?  My partner is, um, well...er uh he's not likely to get stabbed to death.  ;-p
  • lynswin

Cup turns upside down!


I started using a mooncup (UK, large size - as I'm over 40 and have 2 children), and after a short learning curve I found it was fantastic and got on fairly well with it.
Due to the fact that my periods were pretty heavy though, I soon changed to a large Divacup as this had a bigger capacity. I used this for a few months and whilst insertion etc was no problem and I found it comfortable, it always seemed to leak, sometimes just a ittle and sometimes a lot.

So I decided to try again with the mooncup, but when I went to take it out I found that it had turned itself completely upside down! This obviously makes it very hard to remove and won't hold fluid. I have no idea why this has suddenly started happening, but it happens nearly everytime now with the mooncup.

I was hoping to try a new cup seeing as I'm having problems with both but I'm just so confused about which one to get and the more I read the more undecided I am!

I am fairly heavy flow (although I'm going for a polypectomy next month so this may change!), but is squishy better than firm? Are bigger holes better? The main problem I find is leakage even though the cup seems to unfold properly and has a good seal.

I suffer with IBS and constpation and I think this has an effect on the position of my cervix, and even though I have read through the posts on here about finding your cervix, I still don't know if mine is high or low, or which way it tilts or whatever!!

I really want to find the perfect cup but I can't just keep buying them as it works out too expensive!

If anyone could help, I would appreciate it.