February 12th, 2012

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Ok so I just ordered a small ladycup, it will be my first time using a menstrual cup. I decided to get one because I will be going on a vacation in April and realized that it happens to fall on the same week I am due to get my period...:( We will be at an ocean side resort so I am really looking forward to swimming. I have read that some people have had issues with their cup filling up with water and leaking because of it. As I am new to this and don't have much time to get used to the cup before the vacation I am completely terrified! Is there anyone who could give me advice and/or encouragement on this topic? I would hate to leak in front of a bunch of strangers let alone my family but at the same time I don't want to be excluded from fun activities... Any advice is appreciated, thanks in advance:)

Thanks a ton!

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for your advice to me a while back! It helped me out so much. I've used my Lunette for three or so cycles since my first post and I finally have it down!

Yesterday I was out with my boyfriend and his friends for dinner, expecting my period in the next few days and it came a bit early. Luckily I felt it starting and had my Lunette in my purse so I was able to save myself from any embarrassment of leaking. I was able to get it to pop right open. Being past the learning curve is great! I love the feeling of not having to worry about running out of tampons/pads or not having them on me when I'm out. I used to suffer from severe cramping, and I barely have any cramps anymore. And I always had allergic reactions to pads and tampons. I love not even being able to tell the cup is there, even when running and kickboxing!

Without this community I would have still been using tampons, having allergic reactions, and suffering terrible cramps! So thank you for the tips that helped me keep trying. I'm no longer dreading my period; I'm so liberated and past all of the negative stigmas associated with this aspect of womanhood.