January 30th, 2012


Removal question?

Hey, so.... I -just- found this comm, and first off, let me say: It's -AWESOME- to have a place to go ask questions and learn! \o/

I went through the removal tags, and didn't see what I'm having issues with. To start off with: I'm 25, never had sex (and thus obviously, never had children), and use the Divacup here in the US. I don't have any problems with insertion... my problem is via removal. I can literally feel my vaginal canal being pulled with the cup. I've contacted Divacup, and their response was to break the seal. I've explained to them that I can hook my finger up and over the rim, and the suction is still strong enough to do this. They never got back in touch with me. I've put my cup up multiple times, and keep coming back to it, because I love the holding ability, and the fact that I don't have to worry if I'm going to leak through a pad/tampon, or have a replacement (multiple times at work!! >.<), and the fact that I can put it in if I'm expecting my period and not ruin my panties, nor try to remove a dry tampon if my period doesn't show, and that I can track my flow. But the removal, while not "writhing on the ground crying and screaming" painful, is enough to make me not want to use them.

I know some folk have 'damaged' theirs so that it works better for them... but what do you folks recommend? I don't use any lube or water or anything, just fold it into the C-shape, and it usually pops open just inside my vagina, and I finish positioning it. I've never had any leaks with it, it's just the removal that's rather uncomfortable and painful. Please help?
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Has this happened to anyone's cup?

Hello fellow cup enthusiasts,

I have two cups, both of which I love - a small Diva Cup (coming on 5 years old) and a medium blue ball-stem MeLuna (I can't remember how old it is, but if anyone remembers a woman named Kelly, I believe, doing bulk MeLuna orders, I was in her first or second batch so it may have been 2-3 years ago).

Within the last few months, I noticed that the inside of my MeLuna felt a bit rough and I saw bits of white look like they were flaking off. I couldn't scrub the white stuff off and I can't scratch it off. Yesterday, I took my cup out on a non-period day and noticed a strange smell almost like sour milk. The smell lingers from within the cup even now.

I haven't had any discomfort or itching and I don't believe I have any infections. I've been using my Diva Cup since I woke up today and haven't had any issue or smell with that, nor any problems while sleeping last night without a cup. Has this happened to anyone else's cup, or anyone know what it is/if my cup will still be usable, and what I could/should do? Pictures of the inside of the cup Collapse )


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Hi everyone.  Sorry to post again so soon, but I did some updates and I wanted to share with everyone.  New comparison photos, videos and reviews I posted for Si-Bell cup, NaturalMamma Cup, the newer Melunas, Iriscup, and videos for Lunette Cynthia and Lunette Aine.  The links for all these are below.  :)

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