January 26th, 2012


Natural Mamma

Hi MCers :)

I'm on the search for a cup that is narrower than my Diva & Fleurcups but still pretty long and came across the Natural Mamma cup after examining the size charts. Anyone ever tried, or heard more about this cup? I did a community search and nothing came up! It's an Italian brand http://www.naturalmamma.it/2011/09/26/coppetta-mestruale/

The only other info I found was here: http://menstrualcupinfo.wordpress.com/about-natural-mamma-cup/

Thanks so much!!

Lunette Áine Pictures?

Hi everyone!

I'm just wondering why there are very few photos/posts about the coral cup by Lunette (Áine). There has been lots of interest in the Diana and the Cynthia, but very little discussion about the Áine. Why is that?  Is it just an unpopular colour? Wasn't it released at the same time as the Cynthia? I feel like everyone got really excited about the "purple" cup - maybe it overshadowed the coral?

I'm having a hard time deciding between the Áine, Cynthia, and Diana - but unfortunately there aren't many real-life pictures of the Áine available! :(

If anyone has photos of this cup (especially in comparison to the others) I'd LOVE to see them!!

new menstrual cup user, need some help please.

hi i am 14 years old and have recently got the femmecup, but i'm having some problems.

i can easily insert it, but taking it out is extremely painful. i have short fingers so i have trouble folding it once inside me. i can only just fit three fingers, yet it still hurts. this is my first ever period, and i know it takes some time getting used to, but i can't get used to it if i can't take it out. i've tried four times and there has been absolutely no improvement. thanks for reading, any advice would be much appreciated!

ps: my hymen is definitely well and truly broken. also, i'm not allowed to change brands.
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