January 16th, 2012

The Sides of the Pot

Hello! I've recently bought a Diva Cup (been researching cups for weeks and decided I must have one) and I decided to sterilize mine so that it would be ready for my period, which is coming in like, a week. So I have a question... When it's in the pot, the boiling water tends to push it to  the sides. Now, I stood there and made sure it wasn't touching the sides for too long while it was in the water with one of those big plastic serving spoon things that has the holes in it because I don't know if it's supposed to touch the sides or anything. I noticed that it would roll around on the side, so that it all even touched the side of my pot. Should I just leave it like that and let it's do it's thing, or keep making sure that it stayed away from the side of the pot? (I looked around to see if this question has already been answered but I couldn't really find it, so sorry it it has been and I missed it!)

Trouble with insertion!

Hello fellow cup users!
This is my first post on here so here it goes..
I bought my Mooncup Size B last week and just had the guts to go for a dry run today. Little did I know how dry it would actually be. Lol. I sterilised it and was roaring to go. So I went into a squatting position as I heard this was the best position to put it in and did the punch down fold. To my disappointment, it would not go in because it was dry so I put some water based lubricant on myself and tried again. It went in a bit then I lost control of the mooncup (because my fingers were slippery due to the lubricant) and it came back out so i tried again and again but it still wont go in. Im not a virgin so it should just really slide in, shouldn't it? lol
Do you guys think maybe I should wait till Im on my period because theres more lubrication and its looser  down there or persevere?
Would be delighted if you could me some tips? :)

Another one of those which cup to buy questions.

Hi everyone, I had never heard of menstrual cups before until a couple of weeks ago. Now I want one! The problem is which one? I am in my mid-30's and have 2 children (which I carried "high"), I have a history of endometriosis and have been a long time tampon with applicator and panty liner user.

I tend to have a rather heavy flow on the first couple of days of my period and a medium-to-low flow for the next couple then very little for the last (in which case I use panty liners).

The main reasons for me changing to cups are for environmental and economic reasons. This brings me to the question why I have posted this question here. I am not in a great financial position at the moment and I cannot afford to buy half a dozen brands to see which is right for me. Also I live in Australia so postage can be costly too, as most brands are owned and manufactured in the Northern hemisphere- I know the JuJu is from here but they are expensive too AUD60.00, I think because the market here is quite small and I guarantee you about 95% of the Australian population have never heard of cups. Put it this way, you cannot buy them in supermarkets or pharmacies.

I have been considering the larger sized Lunette and Fleurcups although I am open to other brands. I have been told that my pelvic floor muscles are quite strong too (found that out giving birth to my first child). I would prefer something with a stem though as I guess I am too use to tampons and would be quite scared if it got stuck up there- I know that sounds silly but I am being honest!

I am awaiting some cloth panty liners in the mail so at least I've already made that change!

Hoping someone has some advice.